Boris Johnson is in “very good shape”, according to his minister of Health

Boris Johnson est en «très bonne forme», selon son ministre de la Santé

LONDON | british prime minister Boris Johnson, who is convalescing after his hospitalization due to the coronavirus, is “in very good shape,” assured on Friday his Health minister, Matt Hancock.

“I spoke to him yesterday (Thursday), it is in very good shape and it recovers clearly,” said Mr Hancock on the Sky television News.

However, it has not confirmed the information the daily the Telegraph, according to which the conservative leader, currently replaced by his chief of diplomacy, Dominic Raab, would be at the helm next Monday.

“I am sure that he will come back as soon as his doctors recommend it”, said the minister of Health. “The decision has not been made, but it takes calls and remains in contact”, he added.

According to his spokesman, Boris Johnson, 55 years old, met this week with u.s. president Donald Trump, as well as with queen Elizabeth II.

Released on the 12th of April the hospital, he is recovering at Chequers, the country residence of the heads of government of the british, alongside his fiancée pregnant, Carrie Symonds.

“It looked amazing. I was surprised, to tell the truth”, reported on Thursday Donald Trump at a press conference. “It’s like the old Boris. Phenomenal energy. Dynamism phenomenal”.

Despite the rising pressure, including within the ranks of conservatives, the government excludes for the moment any relaxation of the confinement, introduced the 23 march and which must continue for at least two weeks, or detail his strategy to get out of it.

The United Kingdom, one of the european countries most heavily affected by the pandemic, with nearly 19 000 people dead, is presented with the “peak” of the disease, and it is “too early” to relax the measures in place, for fear of being subjected to a “second wave,” said Matt Hancock.

In contrast, the first minister of scotland Nicola Sturgeon said on Thursday that Scotland would be outside the containment gradually, without excluding new sub in the future if necessary, and ensured that measures of social distancing remain in place in the long term.

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