Borje Salming thought he was going to die

Borje Salming pensait qu’il allait mourir

The former defender of the national hockey League (NHL) Borje Salming was thought well that he was going to stay there.

Last month, the Swedish 69-year-old was rushed to hospital, while he was suffering from respiratory problems.

“It was terrifying, expressed Salming to the website of the NHL. I had difficulty breathing. At a certain moment, I breathed in more. I shivered a lot. It was terrible.”

“I had the impression to be on the verge of dying, he continued with emotion. That’s what I thought really. It was at this point terrifying. I can’t really describe it. I was so sick. I really thought that it was the end.”

Fortunately for him, Salming was supported by paramedics and he was taken to a hospital.

The COVID-19?

After a day of observation, the former glory of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been returned home, but he has not been tested for the COVID-19.

“You never told me if I had [coronavirus]. At this time, it hadn’t really reached Sweden as is the case now, ” said a member of the Temple of hockey hall of fame. It was a little before that. Anyway, I assured myself to stay home, take care of myself and to turn that he needed to try to regain health.”

The former hockey player explained that he is still not recovered to 100%.

“I turn back to myself. This is not income completely, but it will get better, he said. I take care of myself [with the social distancing]and I am now able to take walks or bike rides.”

To reassure the people

Since this mishap, Salming has decided to speak publicly to offer support to his fellow countrymen, he who makes presentations regularly to the Swedish radio.

“People are afraid, he said. I know that feeling and if my awareness allows me to have a forum where people listen to me and feel better, it is really positive.”

“I talk to them and I try to allay their fears, has sued the former back. I want them to know that I am like them, with the same fears and the same questions. I just want them to know that I am there for them.”

Salming played 17 seasons in the NHL, including 16 with the Maple Leafs. In 1148 games, he has amassed 150 goals and 637 assists for 787 points.

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