Born twice. Wikipedia confused the biography of the Prime Minister Goncharuk

Дважды рожденный. «Википедия» запуталась в биографии премьера Гончарука

Wikipedia added dark spots in the biography of the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk. According to an article published on the website of the online encyclopedia, two cities in different regions of Ukraine have disputed the honor of being the birthplace of the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the Ukraine the beginning of the article says Aleksey Goncharuk was born in Gorodnya in Chernihiv region. Ibid., the authors of the text, he graduated from high school.

However, if you believe the curriculum vitae, which is under the photo policy, he was born in Zhmerinka Vinnytsia region.

Date of birth, however, the ambiguity does not matter. It is 7 July 1984.

The lawyer Alexey Goncharuk became the Prime Minister of Ukraine on August 29, 2019. The representative of new generation of Ukrainian politicians who came to power together with President Vladimir Zelensky, has already become involved in several scandals.
So, it turned out that Goncharuk never studied science and has no scientific degree of doctor of philosophy of law. In addition, he recently attended a concert by a neo-Nazi group “the Axe of Perun”.

As told in an interview with the the analyst Kirill Molchanov, scandals involving top government officials and contributed to the decline in the rating Zelensky.