It's not late The leader of insubordinate France criticized the composition of the new government

Gouvernement Borne: Jean-Luc Mélenchon castigates a new government “without audacity”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon would see himself as Prime Minister after the legislative elections. — ISA HARSIN/SIPA

“ This will therefore be the worst, i.e. continuity. ». The leader of the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon lambasted this Friday a new government « without audacity », » except for the appointment of the new Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye. “ Under a dull and gray appearance, without audacity, and lacking in spirit », we find in this government « the main figures of social abuse and irresponsibility; environmentalism of the previous government », he said; in a statement to LFI headquarters broadcast on social networks.

The rebellious tribune, who hopes to become the next Prime Minister to the outcome of the legislative elections in June, asked “ where has passed the ecological and social turning point we had been told about ». “ It’s therefore once again verbal words and better said lies», he asserted.

« All of this is terribly disappointing »

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, however, « delighted with the departure of the two crusaders in the fight against Islamo-leftism, (Jean-Michel) Blanquer and (Frédérique;) Vidal », launching a « good riddance ». He acknowledged « audacity » in nominations, that « of a great intellectual, Pap Ndiaye ». “ He is one of the small catches, (…) along with another renegade, former LR group chairman Damien Abad », he noted.

In the end, « all this is terribly disappointing for those who expected something from it, sadly confirming for us who expected nothing from it, and relatively worrying if we take into account what we see », continued Mr. Mé ;lenchon, deploring in particular « the first place in the protocol order », of Bruno Le Maire, renewed to the post of Minister of Economy and Finance.

« All these people [will] only pass if the voters decide so »

It’s “ the man who carried for five years the liberal policy of selling to the cutting of French industry, the abolition of the ISF, the invention of the flat tax, etc. », he denounced. He also regretted the appointment to; l’Agriculture by Marc Fesneau « present at 4 a.m. at the Assembly to vote against the ban on glyphosate », or that of Olivier Veran, « the only minister who ever insulted Parliament, asking MPs to be quiet », as Minister for Relations with Parliament.

But, he hoped, « all these people just pass if the voters decide so by voting for a majority; alternative, ours, that of the Nupes », to the legislative ones. The left alliance (Nupes, LFI/PS/EELV/PCF) would obtain 27.5% of the voting intentions, ahead of Together! (LREM/MoDem/Horizons/Agir) which would reach 27% and the National Rally (21.5%), according to a survey by the Elabe Institute.