Borodyansky misinformation equated to treason, and offered to put contributing authors in the media

Бородянский приравнял дезинформацию к госизмене и предложил сажать авторов заказных материалов в СМИ

The Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky, who has filed several initiatives to regulate the media, considers it warranted the introduction of criminal liability for journalists who are preparing customized materials. He told about it in interview “to modern times”.

“For example, that may be looming criminal liability? When I, as a third person came to you and said here’s 10 thousand dollars, please write an article about something that is not true, with the aim of a special result that I want to in public opinion. Moreover, I will pay 10 thousand dollars, and you will write such articles every day in large volume. These relationships can be criminalized,” said Borodyansky.

The spreading of disinformation Minister equates to a crime – at the level of high treason, because he believes that the opinions of journalists that they publish articles, can threaten national interests of the country.

Borodyansky believes that the journalistic community needs to be an organization which will determine the standards of journalism and to issue or withdraw press cards. Also, this body will determine the degree of manipulative or other media. But in addition, this organization, in the opinion of the Borodyansky, will warn journalists when they should come home with a search warrant law enforcement agencies.

The introduction of control over journalists Borodyansky says presence in Ukraine’s information war with Russia.

Previously, “Country” wrote that Borodyansky announced the creation of the entertainment TV channel, broadcasting to “LDNR”.

We also reported that Borodyansky called misunderstanding the term “standard news” the decree Zelensky.

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