Both teams will be better off, according to Merchant

Deux équipes seront avantagées, selon Marchand

When the season was interrupted in mid-march, the Boston Bruins trônaient comfortably in the lead of the general standings of the national hockey League with 100 points, six more than the defending champions of the Stanley Cup, the Blues of St. Louis.

Despite everything, when the action will resume (if such is really the case), the men of Bruce Cassidy should not be considered as the biggest contenders for the trophy, according to Brad Marchand.

It is believed that his own team could pull out as it is one of the most aged of the circuit. The Bruins are actually 28es in this chapter with an average of 28.5 years. Only the New York Islanders (28,6), the Detroit Red Wings (28,6) and the Predators of Nashville (28,7) are older than they are.

In the opinion of Dealer, the clubs most young people will be advantaged in the event of a return of the activities this year.

“The break won’t help anyone, except the younger teams and those of important players were injured”, he said in a videoconference with the subscription holders of the season of the Bruins.

The effect of Stamkos

Dealer has identified two configurations in particular : the Toronto Maple Leafs, because of the youth of the group, and the Tampa Bay Lightning, diminished by the heavy loss of Steven Stamkos.

“The only teams that will look good will be the Leafs and the Lightning because they are young. She will recover much better than the teams with the oldest, who will experience more difficulties,” he advanced.

“With the suspension of the season, Stamkos has time before him to get back in shape and fully recover from his injury. A team like the Lightning will then have the chance to rejuvenate,” added the second pointer of the Bruins (87 points), behind David Pastrnak (95).

If the Leafs are alive and well among the younger (fifth circuit), a Merchant is mistaken, however, about the Lightning, which ranks in the second third (in 21st place).

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