Bothering the cornea – a reason to sound the alarm

The cheratoglobo is a disease of the cornea in which it, in contrast to keratoconus, bulges evenly over the entire surface and maintains a spherical shape. Stroma thus becomes thinner.

Турбує рогівка - причина бити тривогу

The cheratoglobo, usually affects children because the disease is congenital and is determined by heredity. Most often it affects both eyes. It is possible the so-called dropsy of the cornea, i.e. its swelling.

The patient himself notices a drop in acuity of vision – eyes appears like a veil of mist. Time the cornea is greatly increased in diameter. Because the eyeball grows significantly in size, developed severe myopia and astigmatism.

In the early stages of this disease can be cured with medicine, and for vision correction meanwhile, the patient is prescribed a contact lens. If you neglect the treatment over time thinning of the cornea may lead to its complete rupture and irreversible loss of vision.

Strong cheratoglobo treated only by surgery. Is penetrating keratoplasty: a significant portion of the cornea is removed throughout its depth, and in its place transplanted donor tissue. But to make such an operation much more difficult than in keratoconus: in this case, the cornea is affected in the peripheral part, where you need to fix the graft. However, doctors say that if only the disease had not reached the final stage of the operation, as a rule, terminates favorably. The main difficulty lies in the fact that in the next year are to exercise extreme caution and to avoid even the slightest injuries. It is not easy: in fact operate, as a rule, the children, and that the people moving and not very inclined to be very careful.

Unfortunately, drugs for the prevention of cheratoglobo does not exist, as the disease is fixed at the genetic level. Everything in this plan may recommend medicine to regularly visit an ophthalmologist in order to identify the disease as early as possible to begin treatment.

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