Boxing loses an ally of the first plan

La boxe perd un allié de premier plan

Jacques Aubé has handed in his resignation Wednesday as president and general manager of evenko, one of the branches of the CH Group. A position he held for only five months. His departure will leave a gaping hole in the boxing world.

According to the official version of the CH Group, the separation is carried out in a ” mutual understanding “. However, The Journal has learned that a dispute is philosophical and internal, is at the origin of the departure of Mr. Aubé. He was fired by the president of the Canadian, Geoff Molson.

Over 80 gala

In the course of its passage of 23 years at evenko, Aubé has been a valuable contributor of the promoters of boxing in quebec. In total, he has participated in the establishment of over 80 exhibitions during his reign.

“This is the biggest loss of the organization of the Canadian since the trade of Chris Chelios, said Camille Estephan, who has organized nearly a dozen events with Aubé. It is able to offer us favorable terms.

“When we had to organise something with him, we knew we could count on the big marketing machine of evenko for the success of our gala. “

The boss of Eye of the Tiger Management believes that it owes its two first fighting major of the presence of Aubé.

“Without him, the world championship fight between David Lemieux and Hassan Only Dam in 2015 would have occurred in California, said Estephan. It is the same for the one between Lemieux and B. J. Saunders.

“The clan of Saunders wanted it to be presented at Verona, in the State of New York. However, Jacques was able to bring together the conditions necessary to bring the duel to Montreal. It is thanks to him that we have accessed the major leagues. “

Big thumbs up

Aubé has also been a powerful contributor to Yvon Michel and groupe GYM.

They have worked together on a total of 52 events, including the presentation of 17 world title fights.

“We had obtained good agreements with Aldo Giampolo, and Jacques had improved after his arrival, said Yvon Michel. He had also done something unheard of in Quebec.

“During the second Hopkins-Pascal in 2011, we had purchased all the rights to the event. “

Aubé had not been wrong then, as this duel had been presented in front of over 14,000 spectators.

He has managed several other master strokes during his stay at the helm of evenko.

For the past few years, the two businessmen have been at odds. GYM has not presented a gala with evenko since 2018 is the duel between Jean Pascal and Steve Bossé at the Place Bell.

No successor

The CH Group has shown that there will be no successor to Aubé for the time being.

Its tasks are redistributed among some members of the senior management according to the vice-president, public affairs and communications, Paul Wilson.

It is not said that the seat Aubé will not be entrusted to someone else after the pandemic of the COVID-19.

At this time, Estephan and Michel will have to adapt to a new person and, possibly, to a new vision.

“Regardless of the person who will be in front of me, she will not be able to ignore us if we have a good product to offer him,” said Estephan.

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