Boycott – what competitions in Russia, Ukrainian athletes to miss

The European Championships will miss the wrestlers, Taekwondo, but the hardest boycott could hit the boxers.

Бойкот - які змагання в Росії пропустять українські спортсмени

Ukraine has decided to boycott all sporting events held on the territory of Russia, reports Rus.Media.

For someone to boycott is the right decision, someone considers it a mistake, but the fact is that in the near future Ukrainian athletes in Russia we do not see. In this article we will look at what the top competition of Ukrainian athletes to miss.

World Cup biathlon (March 21-25, 2018 in Tyumen)

Soon the competition, which began with the story of the boycott. Two years ago our Ministry decided to pass the commercial competition and the official Championships of athletes to send. But in recent history with doping leading biathlon Nations began to abandon the trip to Russia for the world Cup. President biathlon Federation Vladimir Brynzak in the matter of the trip to Tyumen shifted the responsibility for the Ministry, and they decided to ban Ukrainian athletes to go to Russia.

Бойкот - які змагання в Росії пропустять українські спортсмени

The trip freestylists Olga Polyuk on the world Cup stage in Moscow or the skaters at the European championship in Russia in January no one is confused.

European championship wrestling (April 30 – may 6, 2018, in Kaspiysk)

Ukrainian wrestlers rarely stay without medals of world and European Championships and, for example, last year the local team won three medals, and before that in Riga was 14 medals. This year, Russia was preparing for revenge for last year’s failures – back to the team wrestlers who worked in the Lite mode after the Olympics. In particular Jean Beleniuk, but now the fighters will stay at home.

Бойкот - які змагання в Росії пропустять українські спортсмени

Tennis tournament WTA (23-29 July 2018 in Moscow)

It is not clear, will apply to the boycott of the players who participate in tournaments for the money, not the state, but in this situation, the performance by Elina Svitolina at the new WTA tournament in Moscow will be at least strange. But the organizers put on a poster and received a preliminary confirmation of its participation.

Бойкот - які змагання в Росії пропустять українські спортсмени

World Cup trampoline gymnastics (7-11 November 2018 in St. Petersburg)

Ukrainian Battisti is now experiencing a period of rejuvenation and have not won medals, but refusal to travel to the world Cup could cost the opportunity to attend high-level competitions with great competition and test your strength against this background.

The world Boxing championship in 2019 (Sochi)

For the right to host the world Boxing championship in 2019 along with the bid of Sochi was struggling and the Ukrainian request, but the Federation gave the right to host the FIFA world Cup Russia.

Before the world Championships in Russia there is still time and it is not known even dates, but that’s what the championship could hurt the Ukrainian sports. It will peredelki year at the world Cup in Russia will award licenses for the Olympics. Thinking about it now while there is time.

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