Brad pitt after her divorce from Angelina Jolie openly admitted alcoholism

Брэд Питт после развода с Анджелиной Джоли откровенно признался в алкоголизме

According to a family lawyer each of the pair barely took the events escaping from depression by any means, until the scandal overgrown with new details about their divorce,, they have been seeking legal assistance from a family law agency.

In a recent interview brad pitt said that was his stress relief, writes Miror.

According to a family law agency, the Hollywood actor for the first time faced with a serious alcoholic problems long before the break with Angelina Jolie, brad pitt thought back in 1998 that it was a difficult situation, to escape from reality. It happened to him for the first time after the premiere of “Meet Joe black”.

But the more severe blow was the break with the woman, with whom he raised six children.

During this period, pitt had often found myself with vodka under the table, don’t hesitate. In an interview with GQ, the actor admitted on and called himself a “professional alcoholic.”

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Брэд Питт после развода с Анджелиной Джоли откровенно признался в алкоголизме

After a time, brad pitt is struggling with addiction, wanting to win pagubino habit, this 55-year-old actor said in a recent interview, because this behavior pohabno impact not only on careers but also on life in General. “Care in itself is not a solution, but a disservice,” said Sam pitt at the last meeting with journalists.

Now actively there are rumors about a new novel by brad pitt with actress alia shokat, maybe she initiated the fight against alcoholism Hollywood actor. Pitt is ready to start a new page in your life, leaving alcohol and the pain of a breakup in the past.

Previously, the Accents were written, brad pitt was spotted at the party with actress Aliya Showkat, a few days after sources close to the actor, claimed that they with a partner on the stage of “just friends.” Actors did not behave compulsively giving each other signs of attention.

Recall that Jason Momoa on one of the talk shows fired up about the question about the personal life of his daughter.

The portal Accents reported that Ukrainian entrepreneurs one of the capital’s supermarkets decided to use daenerys Targaryen as advertising products store. It was very funny.

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