Brad pitt outraged by the behavior of Angelina Jolie

Брэд Питт возмущен поведением Анджелины Джоли

Although the brad pitt didn’t give on this occasion no public comment, his friend told the Mirror newspaper reporter: brad thinks angelina’s behavior is simply dishonest.

As a result of her hints, as if he’s ruining her life, pitt looks in the eyes of all a complete villain. And this, of course, wrong.

We will remind, during the interview, Jolie revealed that she is suffering from what appeared to be “tied” to one place, not able to move outside the United States and “forced, under the terms of their agreement to live where they wanted to settle the father of her children.”

But as soon as the youngest of their six children Knox and Vivienne, which, at 11 years old, turns 18, she is, without a doubt, immediately go to where will call her “hot heart,” said Angelina. As a result, she put pitt bully and selfish.

But brad, although he feels insulted and humiliated by the words of his ex-wife, decided not to stoop to her level and do not Express their impressions of Jolie statements publicly. He believes that it is not worth the extra time to publicly discuss the details of their temporary agreement about child custody in the media. The actor believes that it is not in the interests of their children.

Moreover, previously, he and Angelina seemed to have agreed that all questions of this kind will be resolved in private. However, Jolie, apparently, does not consider itself properly to follow the agreement.

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