Brazil: a minister slams the door, Bolsonaro back to the wall

Brésil: un ministre claque la porte, Bolsonaro dos au mur

The very popular minister of Justice of Brazil, Sergio Moro, who has resigned with a bang on Friday, citing the” political interference ” of the president Jair Bolsonaro in judicial affairs, which the latter has denied vigorously.

The serious accusations of former judge anti-corruption have provoked strong political reactions, some even considering that they could motivate a removal of the head of State.

The president of the extreme right was counter-attacked in the end of the day, claiming that such accusations were “baseless” in a speech with a parade of ministers, making block behind him, shoulder to shoulder, and all without a mask, except that of the Economy, is in full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The head of State said that the ex-minister was ” that of his ego, not of Brazil “, including ” a seat at the supreme Court “.

His government is shaken by a new departure, eight days after the dismissal of the minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, also very popular, and in favor of containment, unlike the president.

Bolsonaro ” dig his grave “

After months of tension with the president, who had promised to give him “carte blanche,” Mr. Moro has finally left the ship when the head of the State has ousted one of its men of confidence, the head of the federal Police, Mauricio Valeixo.

And he left, throwing a bomb, stating that the president wished to replace Mr. Valeixo by ” a person with whom he would have a personal contact, that he could call to get information on investigations in progress.

Jair Bolsonaro has said for his part that Mr. Moro had agreed to let him go, but only in November, after being assured of his own appointment by the president to the supreme Court. Mr. Moro was immediately denied on Twitter.

Jair Bolsonaro was assured never to have ” requested information on any ongoing investigation “.

But he admitted that he intervened several times in the records of the federal Police, notably on the subject of the investigation on the attack to the weapon to which he was subjected in September 2018.

“Is this a interference ask who wanted to kill Jair Bolsonaro ? “, he started, regretting that the investigators “gave more importance” to the investigation into the assassination of former city councillor of the left, Marielle Franco, in march 2018.

Despite the denial of the head of State, the attorney general announced Friday the opening of an investigation on the accusations of Mr. Moro.

“These are statements very serious, indicating possible crimes committed by the president of the Republic,” said in a press release Felipe Santa Cruz, president of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil.

The ex-president of centre-right Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-2002) was reacted in a manner very virulent on Twitter.

“The president is digging his grave. That he resigned before being dismissed. We savings, beyond the coronavirus, a long impeachment process “, he writes.

“Our country must fight against two viruses, the coronavirus and other virus that is at the presidential palace of Planalto “, was let go for his part the governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria.

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