Brazil: an evangelical pastor became the 4th minister of Education of Bolsonaro

Brésil: un pasteur évangélique devient le 4e ministre de l’Éducation de Bolsonaro

The brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has appointed Friday, the evangelical pastor Milton Ribeiro to the position of minister of Education. It will be the fourth holder of this position since the beginning of the mandate of the leader of the extreme right.

Milton Ribeiro, 62 years old, whose appointment was published Friday in the official Journal, is a pastor of the presbyterian Church of Santos, in the State of Sao Paulo.

He will replace Carlos Alberto Decotelli, who had been forced to resign on July 1st, five days after his appointment and before taking office, because he had lied about his academic qualifications.

The president Bolsonaro has announced the appointment of Mr. Ribeiro on his account Facebook by providing the details of his curriculum vitae.

“Doctor of the USP [University of Sao Paulo], the holder of a master’s degree in law from the University presbyterian Mackenzie and a graduate in law and theology. Since may 2019, he is a member of the ethics Commission of the presidency of the Republic,” he wrote.

Mr. Ribeiro was appointed by Mr. Bolsonaro himself to the ethics Commission, which is mandated to investigate ministers and other government officials.

According to information of the brazilian media, Milton Ribeiro has been chosen as the result of pressures from evangelicals.

The ministry of Education has been dominated, since the coming to power of the president Bolsonaro, by the wing the more conservative the government, heavily influenced by Olavo de Carvalho, considered by many as the “guru” of the extreme right in brazil.

The first two ministers of Education appointed by Mr. Bolsonaro, Ricardo Velez Rodriguez and Abraham Weintraub, were what politicians call “olavistes”.

Mr. Rodriguez remained three weeks, and one month in post. Mr. Weintraub has served as a minister between April 2019 and June 2020. He had to resign in the wake of controversies triggered by a particular tweet deemed racist against China, and by insults to the address of the judges of the supreme Tribunal federal (STF), the supreme Court of brazil.

Since the beginning of the term of office of Mr. Bolsonaro in January 2019, a dozen ministers have been sacked or have resigned because of controversy or because of incompatibility with the president. Among them are two ministers of Health, who have left their positions in the full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

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