Brazil: new resignation of the government Bolsonaro, Culture

Brésil: nouvelle démission du gouvernement Bolsonaro, à la Culture

The famous actress of télénovélas brazilian Regina Duarte announced on Wednesday that she was leaving the secretariat of Culture of the government Bolsonaro two months after taking office, following tensions with the head of the State.

Ms. Duarte is the fourth member of the government to leave the ship in a little over a month, after the minister of Justice Sergio Moro, and especially two ministers of Health, in full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The actress, 72-year-old, who has put an end to a long-term contract with the TV channel Globo to enter the government, has been appointed to the head of the cinematheque of São Paulo.

On a video published on social networks, you can see the president Bolsonaro and Regina Duarte discuss smiling, but local media outlets report many of the tensions between the two of them. The actress allegedly refused to undertake the crusade cultural against the ideas of the left as desired by the head of State.

On taking up his functions in march, Regina Duarte was ousted from a key position Dante Mantovani, a conductor who said that the rock ” grows in satanism “.

Mr. Mantovani was re-elected to his post on 5 may, without the consent of the actress, before being pushed back towards the exit.

She had replaced Roberto Alvim, sacked in January after having paraphrased a speech by Goebbels, and had been appointed to reconcile the government with the ” circles of art “, but artists criticized him for his lack of dialogue.

Another personality issue in the arts community, actor Mario Frias, is in contemplation to replace it.

The Secretariat to the Culture, which was previously a ministry, has been relegated to the rank of a simple secretariat by Jair Bolsonaro, in the same way as Sports.

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