Brazil: shock images of a black woman brutalized by a police officer

Brésil: images-chocs d’une femme noire brutalisée par un policier

The video of a police officer stomping the neck of a black woman for the restrain caused a great uproar on Monday in Brazil, where police violence is widespread.

The scene took place on the 30th of may, in a popular neighbourhood south of Sao Paulo, but the images have toured the country after it was broadcast Sunday night by the show ” Fantastico “, a program to the largest audience of TV Globo.

On these images, filmed using a mobile phone, you can see a black woman, face against the ground, trying to struggle, while a police officer exercises a strong pressure on his neck with one foot.

After a few seconds, he raises his other foot to put all his weight on the neck of the victim.

“The more I struggled, the more it rested on my neck,” explained the Brazilian 51-year-old in an interview to TV Globo. His identity was not revealed and his face is blurred.

Working in a small bar in the neighborhood, she said that he tried to intervene when a friend was assaulted by police officers. It is also said to have suffered other violence that does not appear in the video.

“I told him to stop, he pushed me against the grill of the bar, gave me three punches, made me fall and I broke the leg,” she explains.

“After that, he put a knee against my neck and another on my ribs. I fainted four times, ” she continued.

The State government announced on Sunday that the police officers had been suspended from their duties and that an investigation had been opened.

“The scenes shown by the issuance Fantastico are disgusting, the violent behaviour of some police officers is unacceptable,” tweeted the governor Joao Doria in the wake of the broadcast of the report.

In June, the government of Sao Paulo has announced the implementation of a training program to try to prevent the abuse of the forces of the order.

But the police violence continued throughout Brazil, in spite of the pandemic of sars coronavirus and the important media coverage of the mobilization anti-racist world that followed the death in late may of George Floyd under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis, United States.

In this country of 212 million people, more than half of the population is black or mixed race and racial inequalities are still very present in society.

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