Breaching the border of Moldova Greek aircraft left the country

PHOTO : “World 24”


The plane of the Greek airline, was arrested yesterday in Chisinau, Moldova left, reports “WORLD 24” with reference to the press service of the civil aviation authority of the country.

On the eve of Boeing without permission crossed the border of the air and made over Chisinau a few laps, for which he was arrested a ground services. According to the local law, for violation of flight rules face a large fine or imprisonment up to two years.

“Doubt the fact, if you declare that he took off without permission, the Romanian service why not worked? If you can accuse our gallant air force, they were unable to intercept, the Romanians have a powerful air force and air defenses. Could stop. There are many issues to this flight”, – said the Minister of defense from 2001 to 2004, a military pilot Victor gaiciuc.

The crew members did not have a certificate of aircraft registration, operator’s certificate and insurance.

The last time the aircraft illegally flew over the territory of Moldova in the 70-ies. Then hijacked an-2. After this incident, the illegal invasion of the airspace of the country and departures from it, were recorded.