Breaking all records: named the new most popular series in 2019

Бьет все рекорды: назван новый самый популярный сериал 2019 года

Despite the fact that the series has released episode 4 yet, it is already recognized as the most popular in the year 2019. This publication reports Business Insider.

“Mandalore” made a stir ahead of the audience queries such series as “Game of thrones”, “Very strange things” and “Crown”. The demand was 32 times higher than in other series. The audience is so eager to watch new episodes of “Mandalore” that the streaming service did not survive, and his work was temporarily suspended.

It is known that a positive evaluation of the series has received not only from spectators but also from critics. The rating of the movie on the web site reviews Rotten Tomatoes is about 95%.

Recall that the plot of the film is about a lonely bounty hunter who finds a creature belonging to the same race as the great master Yoda. Action series takes place between the 6th and 7th full-length episodes of “Star wars”.

Earlier the edition “Comments” reported that the most popular series, according to Netflix the show was “Very weird things”.

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