Breath of fresh air for the tourism industry: a partial opening of the la Mauricie national park

Bouffée d’air pour l’industrie touristique: ouverture partielle du parc national de la Mauricie

The la Mauricie national park will be available for the first time at the end of the week since the beginning of the confinement, a step in the right direction for the tourism industry in the Mauricie region, which is suffering from the pandemic of COVID-19.

The gradual opening of the la Mauricie national park is not only the happiness of the amateurs of full air, it leads also to the customers in the surrounding businesses.

“As the national park of the Mauricie region, sends us to the customer for the accommodation. As much, we, during the day, people can go for a walk and then enjoy the activities,” said Sandra Simard, co-owner of Camping du Parc, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, in Mauricie.

There is no doubt that outdoor enthusiasts – they are 150 000 to 200 000 to go to the park annually – will spend in the surrounding municipalities according to the director of communications of the City of Shawinigan, François St-Onge.

“It is certain that the people who are en route to the national park, which will go into the national park, will stop at Shawinigan, and consume in Shawinigan”, he stressed.

Partial opening

The national park, it is currently possible to do the hiking, biking and put his own craft in the water. The beach, camping and fishing, however, are still banned.

“This is really a question of review of taken, because we, at la Mauricie national park, there are quotas to meet, there are instructions on how to really conserve the resource. And at a time when we are talking, as the reception centres are not opened, one is not able to offer the draw of fishing all morning,” explained Martine Tousignant of Parks Canada.


This progressive reopening is a breath of fresh air for the tourism industry in the region, but it would take more, according to Tourism Mauricie

The demand from industry including the grant of certain fixed costs and the extension of the wage subsidy emergency.

“This is not to give money to a contractor to be enriched, it is simply to subsidize to reach the threshold of profitability”, stated the president of Tourisme Mauricie, Donald Desrochers.

Otherwise, a study suggests that half of the tourist attractions might close their doors if they do not leave the head out of the water.

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