INFO 20 MINUTES In December, a police officer was photographed tagging a wall in the popular district of Pontanezen

 Brest: The man targeted by the tags of a police officer from the BAC files a complaint for insults

One of the police officers from the BAC in Brest is suspected of having written hostile tags to raise the tension between two neighborhoods. A complaint has been filed by one of the named residents. — Fred Tanneau/AFP

  • In Brest, the photo showing a policeman from the anti-crime brigade tagging a message hostile to a working-class neighborhood caused a scandal in the police station.
  • One of the residents of the neighborhood, named by a tag, decided to file a complaint for endangerment and public insult.
  • An internal investigation was carried out but the policeman suspected of being the author tags still exercises.

The case continues to shake the Brest police station. Accused to have wanted to increase the rivalry; between the working-class neighborhoods of Pontanezen and Kerourien by a few offensive tags, the police officer from the Brest BAC incriminated; is still in office. It has been well changed of service, but he continues to exercise, which drives some of his colleagues crazy. In February, an internal investigation was conducted. carried out after the publication of a photo where we saw an armed man and dressed of a bulletproof vest tagging a wall in Brest. The inscription was clear: « Nike Kerourien ». A few weeks after these tags, the rival district of Pontanezen had been the scene of an outbreak of violence, punctuated by the mortar attack on a tram. Retaliation? Impossible to prove.

Two other tags were then removed. discovered in the Pontanezen district, one of which was aimed specifically at an inhabitant of the district, who had already been discovered. known to the police: « G.Nike Ponta ». A month after the disclosure of the facts in the press, the man mentioned in the tag of the policeman decided to lodge a complaint for public insults, provocation to committing a crime or misdemeanor and endangering the lives of others, learned 20 Minutes.

“ These messages make no sense. They just want to leave thinking that my client has gone to the enemy. In the middle, one might suspect it of being a scale. He runs a real risk. That’s why we are attacking the endangerment, because it’s real», details Me Rabah Laraba, who defends the man with his Parisian colleague Sobieslaw Bemmoussat.

His client left; Brittany, assures his lawyer

Often presented as one of « caïds » from the Pontanezen district, his client is now banned from appearing in Finistère as part of his judicial review in another case. Suspected; to be involved in a shootout, this 28-year-old man was killed. placed in pre-trial detention at Rennes from September 2019 to; October 2020. Since his parole, G. has left Brittany for the south of France. He only returns to Finistère within the framework of court summonses, assures his lawyer.

In his accusations, Me Laraba goes further. According to him, his client, his two brothers and the rest of their family are the prime targets of the Brest police. “ Yes, he has a criminal record, but it’s far from being the longest. Brest. These tags, I have the impression that it was to get rid of them, » advances the advice. The latter also filed complaint for forgery and use of forgery, in the context of a fine for non-compliance with confinement drawn up while his client was in prison. In 2019, five members of the Brest BAC had been condemned by justice for having falsified a report.

Brest: The man targeted by the tags of a BAC policeman files a complaint for insults

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Since the circulation of the photo in the ranks of the police, an internal investigation has been carried out. open to try to shed light on this affair. A survey to the IGPN had been considered. According to information from 20 Minutes, the policeman « whistleblower » would not have received any support from his hierarchy. It would have been disarmed and changed on duty after the broadcast of the photo showing his colleague tagging a wall. “ What surprises me the most in this story is that the policeman in question was denounced by another policeman. It’s rare! But since then, nothing has happened. We seek to protect the institution », assures the lawyer from Brest.