Breton fishermen deprived of Anglo-Norman waters

    Breton fishermen deprived of Anglo-Norman waters

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    This is one of the consequences of Brexit in Brittany and Normandy. Fishermen can no longer travel to the waters of the Channel Islands and in particular from Jersey.

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    The Treaty of Granville, passed in 2004 for shared management of the fishing zone, lapsed on January 1. Derogations must arrive, but for the moment they are long overdue and this puts a brake on the activity of Breton fishermen. Those of Saint-Malo are particularly affected.

    Nets and pots remained at sea

    Around 40 of them go fishing in Jersey waters every year. About twenty boats go there regularly and the Ille-et-Vilaine fisheries committee estimates that there are currently around ten fishermen who have left nets and pots in the sea.

    On January 1, everything stopped. The French state has asked fishermen not to move because Jersey ultimately chose to comply with the agreement signed with Europe. Since then, discussions have been underway between Brussels and London. “Before, they were between neighbors of the bay and fishing professionals. There it is technocrats who will decide,” launches Philippe Orveillon, vice-president of the Ille-et-Vilaine fisheries committee.

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    The fishermen are waiting, suspicious and worried, even if the vice president wishes to remain positive. “French fishermen have an interest in going to work in these waters, it is true, but so do English fishermen because they are not able to sell all their merchandise on the islands.”

    Discussions with the Minister of the Sea this Friday

    The professionals of the sea hope to have news by the end of the week, because each day spent at the dock or without the possibility of entering these Anglo-Norman waters, money is flying away.

    Traveling in the Côtes-d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine this Friday January 8, Minister of the Sea Annick Girardin is due to meet with fishermen to discuss this situation.

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