Bricked “demons”

Замуровали «демоны»

Americans in General are apolitical guys. Their main theme is money. And their party affiliation they remember is that at most elections. So. But now it’s different. My old friend Felix from California recently complained: if you go to Promenade Avenue and say “I’m a Republican,” is guaranteed to get “a turnip”. Even in the presence of a COP. I think the same effect happens if you say “I am Democrat” somewhere on peek-a-Boo in Houston. Here is autumn aggravation. Political. Beat by the color of the face, and now by the color of the membership card.

Once I visited and even worked in the States. Had buddies. But never distinguished them by party affiliation. Well, there is allocated for intelligence and wit, erudition and extensive reading, professional and social status… But according to the political orientation never. And now, in hindsight, trying to remember, to understand and forgive how the ideological characteristics of transformirovalsya in personal, business and social. Once it so happened. I feel without this, modern America is not to understand…

I was lucky: two of my close American buddy, even in the beatific vaguely apolitical times demonstrated their ardent attachment to “donkeys” and “elephants”. Why is that and who exactly to compare and the method of induction to arrive at generalizations.

Here, for example, Jeffrey. Sang in the Church choir. Worked, like his eminent father, in intelligence. Filmed in Hollywood. Now in the consulting business. Of course, an ardent Democrat… Richard started a pilot, was holding a gun shop in Phoenix. Was the Sheriff. Owns the yacht Marina. Of course, a staunch Republican. For these figures I drew up a specification and typing of party members.

So, the Democrats love to sing along. I, of course, is far from hard determinism soldier Schweik, who somehow believed that “all Jews sing tenor,” but could not miss attraction “demons” to the collective singing as a tendency to “REP” to solo. From the song words can not erase. Perhaps that is why the current Ukrainian “elitist”, the most consistent students of American Democrats, any difficult situation trying to resolve it donkey choral singing. That is, the first basic party differences recorded: “donkeys are” herd animals, “elephants” — the individualists. This is important.

There is, according to my observations, and some physical differences. For example, the Democrats and their students extremely hairy. I had a chance to bathe in the Baptism of some of the presidents of the democratic orientation, and at first I thought they are dipped in sweaters (valogatott somewhere at the level of the wetsuit “seven”). Look at the photo as if a naked bust of the same see (before he totally shaved). Pure Democrat! But this feature doesn’t seem to me existential. At least for now goes through Ukraine transit of Russian gas. So forget… For a while.

But what is really important is religious faith “demons” in their beliefs and fantasies. Jeffrey, in his youth sang, as I have already noted, in the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. In his stories, he still participated as an altar boy in the baptism of the animals. Like, in the St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, at the Cathedral come Pets and the inhabitants of the zoo, wishing to be baptized. (Like this day in day open the locks of the cages.) Animals come to the altar, kneel and accept grace. I had doubted the story, but Jeffrey fiercely muttered that I either believe or cease to be his friend. That’s when I realized that “demos” furious own beliefs, in his baptism of democracy. For them, the cat or the donkey, attached to their faith, — almost a kindred spirit. And people of other views — animal worse than a donkey…

By the way, when I told this story to Richard, he said that he “spit on the barrel” and showed his huge “forty-four”. And added, what’s the difference between “demons” from “REP”: the first chimeric principles, the second — real guns.

Just thought of another. Jeffrey as a former scout hereditary (his father was the most famous in the country, “knight cloak and dagger”), claimed that all the real spies Democrats. But different shelupen, the cops, the sheriffs, faberova always Republicans.

And even gastronomic tastes are different: some people love the Bourbon, the other a Martini and champagne. By the way, Jeff treated me with martinis for their signature appetizer, which is called “democratic.” (Who cares, is very simple: two hundred grams blue onion passed through a meat grinder with a large filter. Then he added two hundred grams of black Beluga caviar. Is thoroughly mixed. The taste is really democratic!) And Richard had always treated on a ranch homemade steak the size of a “forty-four”. Redick what it take.

I should add that Jeff was not married. In Hollywood it is not accepted, he explained. There is a democratic love — boy. And he (it) something did not go in this regard. Well, it is. And the third wife of Richie and his fifth child, and we just roasted a Patriarchal steaks on the bone and on the fire… Such are the differences.

If you have to go, I would add the following. Jeffrey, like all former scouts (“ex” — ha ha!) and the current Democrats, adored other people’s weaknesses. For example, always tried to bring the company staying sane. Hence, a special snack, and adrenaline gymnastics, and special chemicals. And Maidana abroad is also here. Most importantly, to weaken others in order to look like trump himself.

And Richard, as all the former country, the security forces and the current Republicans respect their own power. Hence his cowboy ranch, and a private shooting range, and fanatical training in practical shooting (I knew in the States only a chela, who shot cooler — Keanu Reeves). Hence, new geopolitical doctrine of the REP. If the demons goal is to be the leader of the “democratic peace” through a sharp weakening of other countries, then REP task — to make for the start of their country and its citizens strong.

These are my American friends in their projection on power, politics and ideology. Even a cursory glance helps to understand many things in modern America. For example, why trump is clearly sympathetic friend S from far Korea and despises the close friend of Morales from Bolivia. And the point here is not ideology, as many people think. Both a friend left. It’s not even about the names, although it is clear that the name of a single letter is easier to remember and another names is missing one letter — “A” at the beginning. In another case. For the present Republican one with eggs and the other with the leaf of Coca. Hence the attitude. Induction, mlyat.

But that’s not the point. The main difference between my buddies in the understanding of corruption. Jeff once taught me to make money: watching the annual CIA report on global corruption, highlight the top five most corrupt countries and fly there immediately!

That is typical of the demon to make quick money is possible only by participating (indulging, covering, kryshuya) other people’s troubled scheme. And Richie explained his way of doing business, purely Republican: bring home a profitable business and to strengthen the position taken by the accountant, the niece of a Senator.

In confirmation view exemplary of the Ukrainian experience. When the US is ruled by a “REP” (Bush, trump) Ukrainian oligarchs gears in America. Business there. When ruled by demons, American politicians jostle for Ukraine. Business here… But it’s a long story.

In short. Yes, I have always respected the term “democracy”. Yes, I would like to be a Democrat in the highest (American) sense of the word. But I feel, not pull, not good: walled themselves demons uncomfortable for me principles. Yes, and the donkey somehow do not want to be.

R. Dervish

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