Briefing coronavirus at the White House: Trump, Trump and Trump

Briefing coronavirus à la Maison-Blanche: Trump, Trump et Trump

WASHINGTON | Figures in cascade, digressions, attacks against such or such elected, sequence of questions/answers cacophonous. And Donald Trump at the centre of everything.

The point of the press daily of the crisis on the coronavirus raises each day a little more baffled. Or even, for some, the annoyance as it drags on sometimes without a real thread.

The Wall Street Journal is split Thursday, an editorial in the vitriol on this appointment to the end of the afternoon, which has become “a show boring” that degenerates into “quarrels sterile” with journalists and contributes little to the understanding of the pandemic.

“If Mr. Trump thinks that these daily sessions will help defeat Joe Biden, he is wrong. The election will focus on a question: the perception of the public about how the president will overcome the virus and have revived the economy “.

“They consider Mr. Trump on his results, not on how it will put in scene “.

The billionaire republican has been stung to the quick.

Three hours before showing up in the press room, he said in a tweet the daily business of “Fake News,” a formula that it is usually rather at the New York Times, the Washington Post or CNN.

Simple coincidence or evidence that the “Newspaper” has referred to just? It is shown, however, significantly more brief than usual at the desk of the press room of the White House.

True to his style, he painted a very positive picture of the situation in the United States.

He welcomed the number of tests that are “very sophisticated and precise” made in the United States, who come to cross the dark threshold of 16 000 deaths related to the pandemic.

It displayed an optimism boosters on the coming economic recovery: “We will have a big bounce rather than a small bounce.” “It’s just a hunch, but I’ve had very good intuition over the years, he took care to add.

“We are in a very good position,” he hammered, before leaving the place to the vice-president Mike Pence.

“You should say: bravo! “

Is this a turning point or an exception? The coming weeks will tell. The recent media briefings were, in fact, rich in digressions – far, very far from considerations on the fight against the Covid-19 which has more than 90, 000 deaths around the world.

Donald Trump has stepped up its attacks against the press. “You should say: +well done, great job+, rather than to be as nasty in the way you ask your question “, he launched to a journalist from Fox News who asked him about the difficulty of access to the tests.

It is arcbouté on the defence of such or such treatment as he deemed promising: “That is what I know, me? I am not a doctor. But I have a good solid sense.”

He attempted jokes surprising in the context, referring obviously to his feminine conquests in the middle of a debate on projections scientific. “The professionals have made the models. I’ve never had anything to do with a model… well, not this kind of model. ”

If he boasts always of its hearings, the former host of reality television, however, may worry about the recent trend of surveys.

All point in the same direction: the effect of ” rally around the flag “, which is enjoyed by traditionally american presidents as serious crises, it seems, in his case, has already evaporated.

According to the average established by RealClearPolitics, his approval rate was 44.5 % a month ago. After a peak ten days ago to 47.4 %, dropped to 45,2 % Wednesday evening.

In the Face of this “monster evil” that is – according to its terms – the Covid-19, the 45th president of the United States has chosen, as it has since the beginning of his mandate, to continue to galvanize his conservative base, which remains to him faithful. Without seeking to endorse any clothes gatherer.

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