Bright costumes, dances and food: ethnic groups in the country share the traditions



Kazakhstan celebrates the Day of unity of people. Wide festivities took place in seven districts of Almaty. The main celebration took place at the Astana square, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Timur Sandybaev.

This is a great opportunity to experience the culture of different peoples and it does not need to go abroad. In the city centre have set up tents, which represented over 100 different ethnic groups.

Stroll through the square of Abay – how to go on a gastronomy tour. Each pavilion waiting for treats. Uzbeks prepare halva, Tatar chak-chak and the Moldovans generously poured wine. Do not forget to tell about the everyday objects and folk crafts.

Here everything is permitted. You can hold in your hands an ancient Turkish tea or Cossack whip. Boys don of the latter is a symbol of maturity. Whip young people give only 21.

“The sword is given to the Cossack before – in 18 years. And the lanyard can hang it in 21 years”, – said the ataman of the Union of Cossacks of Semirechye Vladimir Shikhotov.

While men compete in weapons, women compete in beauty. For girls on the Astana square staged a fashion show. All the outfits different from each other.

And that was the mood for dancing, the guests are the best artists and musicians Almaty, creative teams of all ethnocultural associations of the city.