“Brighter together”: children in Armenia are taught energy saving

In the Armenian city of Vanadzor held a festival in support of energy conservation “brighter Together”, reports “WORLD 24”.

No scientific speeches and lectures. About saving electricity spoke through the game. The organizers have prepared for the children themed quizzes and competitions. And the bravest ones participated in these experiments. For example, the received electric power by using bike. In addition, anyone wishing to change their traditional incandescent bulbs with modern energy saving.

“Our task is to distribute among the children the knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology through quests, games and contests. Thus, we want our children from early years to get used to energy saving”, – said the organizer of the festival Suren Gyurjinyan.

For the first time this festival of energy conservation held in 2016 in Russia. Two years later, the event has reached the international level.