Bring toxic poisons and hydrate the skin: getting rid of diseases with the help of cabbage and cabbage juice

Выведет токсичные яды и увлажнит кожу: избавление от болезней при помощи капусты и капустного сока

Cabbage is one of vegetables widely used in the health care system. Scientists have for several years interested in her amazing qualities that help to fight with such a severe disease like cancer. It’s not a vegetable, but a storehouse of health, and in this article we will tell you why.

Cabbage as the key to a great health

Properties of cabbage is most often associated with the presence in its composition of compounds, which is rich in sulfur-containing substance. It was discovered relatively recently, and currently there are various studies which will help to determine the degree of influence of the given vegetable in the fight against carcinogens.+

However, it is already known that regular consumption of cabbage or its juice within one month can significantly improve the health of person. And if Kale can be used, for example, in salads, even the method of preparation of cabbage juice for many is a mystery.+

How to prepare juice from cabbage

To make juice from the cabbage, in a small enameled pot to pre-boil the water. By the time the boiling process takes approximately 30 minutes. After this, mix chopped cabbage with water and place in blender.+

Stir the mixture on low speed until a homogeneous mass, pour it in a jar and tightly closed, put in a warm place. After take another empty jar, and strain the liquid present by means of the filter.+

Beneficial properties of the juice from cabbage

  • A large number of antioxidants also helps cleanse the body from of carcinogens.
  • The high concentration of fiber can fully satisfy the body’s need for this substance.
  • Cabbage juice has a good effect on the digestive system and easily removes from the body all harmful substances.
  • The substances which enter into the composition of the juice help to strengthen bones much better than any medication.
  • Due to the large number of amino acids, the constant use of healing infusions can effectively deal with infectious diseases
  • The concentration of fiber has a positive effect on the heart.
  • Cabbage juice helps fight inflammation in the body, positively affects vision and moisturizes the skin.

Thus, the substances contained in the cabbage, and therefore its juice, allow without any financial cost to rid your body of a significant number of quite serious diseases. Eat this healthful vegetable and be healthy!

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