Britain: Annoyed by Halloween, grannies vandalize preparations

Illustration of skeletons installed for Halloween. — Jeff Taylor/AP/SIPA

Skeletons reduced to crumbs, the false tombs desecrated, decorations vandalized. In the small village of water holes, in the Morbihan, the preparations of Halloween turn to vinegar, as reported in the Telegram. To celebrate this pagan holiday of anglo-saxon origin, the association GueltaS’Anime is active for several days to decorate the common
the colors of Halloween.

This does not appear to the liking of all the inhabitants of this small town, situated between Loudeac and Pontivy. The first degradation have been noted Sunday morning. The members of the association were at first suspected the guests of a wedding that was held the day before in the vicinity or youth of the town.

“We wish death to those who have planted these “settings”

Tuesday, other rampages have yet been recognized. Suspicions were worn on three or four grandmothers of the pensioners ‘ club, which would be, according to the gossip running in the village, horrified by these decorations are grim. Seeking explanation, one of the volunteers of the association visited the pensioners ‘ club on Tuesday. II received insults in response. “We wish death to those who have planted these decorations,” he would have started the grannies, says the daily.

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A bit overwhelmed by the events, the mayor of the commune lamented the damage, hoping that ” all this will not create dissension communal “. But the evil seems to be done in a small town in brittany, and the Halloween party on the horizon should be held in a climate quite heavy.

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