Britain has accused Russia of cyber attack virus Petya

The British government believes that the government of Russia made the attack with the help of the virus NotPetya in June 2017. Its main goal was Ukraine.

Британія звинуватила РФ в кібератаці вірусом Petya

London has accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the cyber attack using a virus NotPetya, reports Rus.Media.

Recall that in June 2017 the global attack of the virus-the extortioner struck IT systems of companies in several countries, mostly affecting the Ukraine.

“The British government believes that the Russian authorities, in particular, the Russian military was responsible for the destructive attack by the virus NotPetya in June 2017. The attack demonstrated the repetition of disrespect to Ukrainian sovereignty. The reckless use of the virus disrupted the work of organizations across Europe and cost hundreds of millions of pounds… We call on Russia to be a responsible member of the international community,” – reads the statement of the Deputy foreign Minister of great Britain Tariq Ahmad.

According to him, the attack was disguised as an attempt to intervene in the business processes, but its main aim was financial, energy and government sectors of Ukraine.

Previously, experts Group-IB found that cyber attacks viruses-coders NotPetya and BadRabbit (which was attacked in October of 2017) was organized by one of the hacker groups.

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