Britain humiliated “mighty midget,” he gave her an ultimatum

Великобританию унижает "могучий карлик": он поставил ей ультиматум

© 2019 AFP / Daniel Leal-OlivasPerhaps, it is difficult to imagine the peculiar and exquisite form of pleasure, which is the politician, leading a small but proud country, when they have the opportunity to humiliate the Empire, once owned half the world.In this sense, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel to be envied, especially as a nice bonus to this public humiliation was the fact that mock the British counterpart he could directly in London.A year ago it was impossible to imagine a situation in which head microscopic European States could click on the nose of the British Prime Minister, but that’s what happened because Brekzita. Moreover, Bettel, in fact, opened the card, not only in terms of what the EU is going to do with Boris Johnson, but in terms of further unenviable fate of the city of London and its many bankers and investment funds.In short, before the UK has a choice: or to London will be dropped from the global financial pedestal, or Brickset have to cancel on the most adverse UK conditions. It is translated from the diplomatic to the Russian statement, which the Prime Minister of Luxembourg did in London, where he arrived for a NATO summit.
However, at the summit of Bettel was not noticeable (which is logical given the military power of the country he represents). But he shone at a special conference of the London school of Economics (London School of Economics) — the main brain centre of the UK. Speaking to the cream of the British financial crowd, he said: “the Fact that we can’t agree that you chose the best or most desirable. The fact that you decided to leave <…>. I will not agree to the destruction of the single market (of the European Union. — Approx. ed.). We have rules, and you must accept these rules,” stressing that the UK can’t be picky and choosy in its relations with the European Union.In one sentence (which, obviously, reflects the position of the European establishment) Bettel signed the verdict of the British financial sector, and possibly the British economy as a whole.The fact that the entire plan of Boris Johnson, his supporters and even some opponents is reduced to the following scheme: the UK leaves the EU, and then resets all of the obligations, including financial, associated with EU membership.In the country, were left without the supervision of Brussels, carried out tough reforms (canceled or cut social security, decrease environmental, technical and other standards), reduced taxes, abolished the European financial regulations and restrictions that stifle the financial sector, and blocking unwanted migration from the European Union. The UK concludes with the EU Treaty on free trade or receives some other form of access to European markets — similar to how it happens in the case of Switzerland or Norway. The output is a kind of Singapore-on-Thames: country with low taxes and reduced environmental and social standards that will be used to escape taxes and regulation (and capital) from all of the European Union. Metaphor about “Singapore on Thames” is not a rhetorical invention of Russian propaganda, and one of the vivid images that used themselves supporters Brekzita in order to convince the British voters to vote for secession from the Union.
This plan has combined ingenuity and arrogance, so typical of the best representatives of the British political class, for it is worked by a principle “to us it was and for us it was nothing.” In fact, London had planned to get rid of all the negative consequences of EU membership, to retain all positive aspects and at the same time “steal” from Germany, France and other EU countries, investors, employers and major taxpayers.The deal signed by Boris Johnson with the European Commission, is just the first part of this plan, and it involves the official UK out of the EU at the beginning of 2020, and transition, which, as expected, the UK and the EU agree how to live. Lots of seemingly abandoned, the documents are signed, the salute is scheduled for January 31. But here on the stage the London school of Economics goes, Xavier Bettel, and explains: this is not the die is cast, and the trap is sprung.Yes, the UK will leave the EU, but the access to the European market, she will receive it only if we agree to abide by the same requirements which have to comply with the member countries of the EU. That is, a scheme in which the UK has got all the buns and bonuses from the European market and thus could Rob the European States, taking them to employers and capital, is transformed into a scheme in which Britain would be forced to accept and observe all that it will require Brussels. The entire Brickset is that the UK Prime Minister now will not be able to affect how those rules are accepted and applied.You can safely bet on even that as a “bonus” for Johnson will hang up the need to allow the free entry, stay and movement in the UK the Polish plumber, the Romanian beggars of African refugees and middle Eastern terrorists, which actively takes itself the European Union.
Probably Mr. Bettel as Prime Minister, the home EU country of the offshore company is quite satisfied with a scenario in which Johnson, just out of a sense of political self-preservation, refuse to comply with these requirements. But then the Kingdom will be cut off from the European market and, most importantly, London will not be able to perform the functions of the main European financial centre, not to mention the fact that numerous British offshore (Isle of man, Jersey, Guernsey, the British virgin Islands and so on) will probably be much more difficult to work with European clients. As a result, this is not London will be a “Singapore on Thames” and a point of attraction of the European capital, but quite the contrary: the Frankfurt, Paris and Luxembourg will share the cash flows that will begin to flow away from the British capital.According to the Ernst & Young, quoted by Reuters, from London can “escape” one trillion pounds — and it’s a relatively conservative estimate….The greatest Briton of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill wrote a lot and talked about the superiority of the Aryan civilized Nations over the uncivilized non-Aryan, and also predicted, for example, the partition of China.I wonder how he would have reacted to a situation in which “the European dwarfs” will be shared between the London capital.Ivan Danilov

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