British brand Land Rover is preparing a new crossover

Британский Land Rover готовит абсолютно новый кроссовер

The British company Land Rover announced the emergence of a brand new crossover Range Rover Crossover.

The estimated release date of the new 2021. The basis for the model will be a “trolley” MLA, which will use large amounts of electrical installations.

Official details, the British company not misleading.

However, according to unofficial information, the new Range Rover Crossover should be the lowest and stylish in the whole lineup.

If this information is confirmed, then the new model could become a landmark for the company, as in this case, the design and comfort for the first time will be given more attention than the cross.

Британский Land Rover готовит абсолютно новый кроссовер

No details about the technical characteristics at the moment. Platform, MLA allows you to install two electric power units, one for each axis.

From this we can conclude that the car will receive all-wheel drive version. Because of the smaller dimensions compared to the first full-sized electric crossover Range Rover, there will not be able to use the battery to 100 kilowatts.

However, due to the smaller mass of the car, the power reserve without charging should remain at the level of 500 km.

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