British scientists have named the main signs of longevity

Британские ученые назвали основные признаки долголетия

Scientists from the UK after a large-scale study called the major signs of longevity.

As noted, 85% of centenarians long ears which have a length of about 7 cm. the experts also highlighted the massive lobe.

British experts, in turn, found that the number of moles tells about the age of the body. So, the more moles the better. The body of people with a large number of benign tumors turned out to be 6-7 years younger than the peers. Age-related illnesses such people develop later.

Another symptom only applies to women. We are talking about a slim waist (about 75 cm) and curvy hips. As a rule, too thin or overweight women live on less.

Studies have shown that people who have families, live longer. Also, the advantage of those who have a dog (life extended by 8 years). This is because with the pet need regularly to walk and it is good for health.

If you are older (70 years or more) can safely climb the ladder, then most likely, you’ll add to the list of centenarians.

Meanwhile, earlier it was disclosed the secret of Japanese longevity.

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