Brother and sister military deployed in the same hosting center

Frère et sœur militaires déployés au même centre d’hébergement

A brother and sister, who are not part of the same unit in the army, have been made quite by chance in the same ltc facility in Montreal.

“Normally, I am the driver of armoured vehicle, then it draws me completely out of my comfort zone. The rest of us, our jobs usually, it does not seem really to care of the elderly, ” says Simon Gallant, usually based in Valcartier.

His unit, the 12th armoured Regiment of Canada, had been deployed in 2019 to Pointe-Calumet during floods.

Today, with her sister, Joanne Gallant, it is part of the 1558 military of the canadian armed Forces sent in 25 hosting data centers and long-term care (CHSLD) in quebec.

And since the 12 may, he found himself at work with his big sister in the same institution : the Centre for accommodation of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal.

“It didn’t happen at the same time, I was already there. It is at the end of her training she learned that she was the CHSLD Saint-Laurent, ” says Simon Gallant.

A chance that does not happen every day, confirms the lieutenant Joanne Gallant, a nurse at the 1st field Hospital, based in Montreal.

“We were very surprised, but at the same time very happy “, she adds.

The chance to work as a family

Because for them, it is “a chance” to work with a member of the family, given that many of their colleagues are away from their loved ones.

But if they are deployed at the same place, they rarely cross paths. Joëlle Gallant work of the night, and his brother day.

Despite different schedules, they come to share the time around a dinner, a walk in the city or a training session.

A time that allows them to confide in, to decompress together and to aerate the spirit, emphasizes Joanne Gallant.

With the crisis of the coronavirus, Simon Gallant and his colleagues have become since the end of April ” of the pairs of arms to help the employees in all their tasks. They care for patients from sunrise to sunset, helping them to dress or eat.

For its part, Ms. Gallant supports military nurses who work at the CHSLD Saint-Laurent.

“It is a bit unusual to find deployed in this context, but this is not a customer unknown to us. And manage infectious diseases, this is something that we have done too often in the hospitals, so it is still in our field of expertise, ” says Ms. Gallant.

She also oversees the military personnel on site, having a medical training or not.


For the one as for the other, this mission is at the heart of the CHSLD are a source of pride.

“No matter the task, whether it is deployed on floods or other disasters, one is always proud to lend our aid to the population,” says the soldier of the 12th armored Regiment.

A support that seems to be appreciated by the residents and the staff who are grateful on a daily basis.

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