Brother of Enrique Iglesias had an affair with a Russian tennis player, like Anna kournikova

Stepbrother Enrique Iglesias Miguel (they have the same father, but different mother), apparently trying to take a cue from his famous relative. Is it a coincidence, but 20-year-old Iglesias, as reported by Spanish media, meets with 19-year-old Daniel Obolewicz, which is not only that Russian (she lives and studies, however, in the US), so also in tennis. But that’s not all. Daniel, as Enrique and girlfriend Anna Kournikova, blonde with blue eyes. The comparison with the famous tennis player, you will agree, suggests itself. Girls are really very similar.

Daniel Obolewicz

Daniel, though, and plays tennis and does well at national tournaments, seriously about a career in sport thinks — the girl is studying at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of art history. With her lover she, as reported by insiders, met in Miami (where Obolewicz there are apartments). They now get together almost every weekend. In Miami live and Anna Kournikova with Enrique Iglesias, who recently became parents and did enjoy their new status. So far, however, it is unknown whether acquainted with the family of the older brother of his lover Miguel.

Daniel Obolewicz
Miguel Iglesias

As eyewitnesses speak, in the relationship between Miguel and Daniel now reigns idyll — a very amorous son of Julio Iglesias, as I wrote about it in Spanish Newspapers, it seems, found his only love.

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