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Доведено: взимку треба працювати менше

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Nastacha Sonts

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Доведено: взимку треба працювати менше

Vzimku sprawd voice skoncentrovana on robot/Photo: Unsplash

If Nashi prirodn Ritmi without on those scho prokinetic need about 9 wound, that scho at a time of dark winter day, but we all are Stam early – about 7 the wound, mi stracham Clint sleep
– poyasnyu Greg Murray, Professor at Universiteti psiholog Swinburne.

Bologni clock to vzimku

Natural rhythm, ABO bologni clock – TSE 24 godini timer, that biznach, if maintained upstream prokinetic senuti.

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Доведено: взимку треба працювати менше

Bologni clock guilty Buti synchronzation iz your denim rasporedom/Photo: Unsplash

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