Bruno Le Maire “shocked” that Twitter is shutting down Donald Trump’s account

    Bruno Le Maire “shocked” that Twitter is shutting down Donald Trump’s account

    “What shocks me” in the closure of Donald Trump’s Twitter account, “it’s that Twitter is closing”, declared Bruno Le Maire Monday January 11 on France Inter. The social network, which was for years the preferred means of communication of the American president, decided Friday, January 8 to permanently close the account.

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    The decision was prompted by the brutal eruption of supporters of the president on Capitol Hill two days before. The social network explained that it took this unprecedented measure in the face of “risk of further incitement to violence”. Facebook and other services like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitch have, for their part, suspended the profile of the tenant of the White House for an indefinite period of time. It’s about “clearly of censorship” qualified on January 9 on franinfo the social media specialist and teacher at Sciences Po Paris, Fabrice Epelboin.

    “The regulation of digital people cannot be done by the digital oligarchy itself. The digital oligarchy is one of the threats weighing on States and on democracies”, denounced Bruno Le Maire. Regulation is necessary, but must be done by the sovereign people, by States and by justice“, considers the French Minister of Economy and Finance.

    Asked about the attack on the Capitol by Trumpist militants, Bruno Le Maire believes that “This is the product of Mr. Trump’s lies. It is because he lied about his electoral failure that his supporters invaded the Capitol. It is an attack on democracy.”. Based on the book he just published, The Angel and the Beast, the Minister considers that this American sequence “shows that one of the key elements of democracy today is the fight between the lie and the truth. When the lie is worth the truth which is today, the risk, there is no more democracy possible “.

    Bruno Le Maire takes the opportunity to mark the difference with the situation in France. “This confirms the pride that I have in serving a President of the Republic who believes in reason, who fundamentally believes in the truth and who believes in arguing, convincing when we do politics”, believes Bruno Le Maire.

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