Budget Europe: where to relax without spending much

What was once unavailable is now available to almost everyone.

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

For people who like to travel, came the good time because many companies are under the influence of the financial crisis has significantly reduced prices on international flights. What was once unavailable is now available to almost everyone, informs Rus.Media.

Brussels, Belgium

In the center of town is the House of the King, associated with the medieval buildings and Market square. The remarkable fact that every old building has its own name, e.g. “Fox” or “Wolf”. Besides the well known sculpture “Manneken Pis” in Brussels there are two more monument that takuu doing the same dirty deed – “Sauce girl” and “Sauce dog”. Oh, those Belgians with their passion for meeting the basic needs of the body.

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

In principle it is possible not to go to museums and to buy expensive tours. Key attractions are available for inspection free of charge. To move into a hostel located in region with good transport interchange, is only 16$.

Gothenburg, Sweden

In Gothenburg everything from small to large, you will find something fun for everyone. The kids will gladly accept the offer to go to the largest amusement Park in Scandinavia, has more than 30 rides and attractions for every taste. Classical music lovers will be able to attend the performance at the Gothenburg Opera. Gourmets will be happy to be able to taste excellent dishes in the restaurants and small cafes (by the way, the Gothenburg culinary school is one of the best in the world). The cost of accommodation starts from$ 25 for a bed in a hostel.

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

Ronda, Spain

The official birthplace of bullfighting is included in the register of national monuments of Spain. The city has the oldest arena Plaza de Toros, and close to copper erected a monument to the bull. There is a belief that if you touch the right horn and make a wish, it will surely come. Most of the attractions Dating back to XIV century, including: the fortress of Alkabar, Roman bridge and Cathedral of Santa Maria de La Encarna hair dryer did, combined the best techniques of various architectural styles.

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

In special honor of the visitors gorge with stone ILO Puente Nuevo and the witch Museum. The cheapest sightseeing tour with a duration of several hours is estimated at 38$, and the most expensive and long – 150$. The price of accommodation in local hotels ranging from 21 to 200$ (not luxury hotels).

Siena, Italy

Tourists mistakenly believe that without a visit to Rome, holiday in Italy cannot be considered successful. They are partly right, the Eternal city will give travelers an unforgettable experience. Its streets and squares you can walk for hours. However, Siena will be a dream come true for those wishing to expand their knowledge of history and architecture. Grounds pass to the Archaeological Park in Roselle is$ 10, tour the Medieval Abbey will cost 35$, and look at the famous Siena Cathedral is completely free.

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

Marseille, France

Despite the fact that Marseille is the second largest metropolis of France, it is clearly inferior to Paris in the number of tourists. The capital attracts about 24 million people annually, and in Marseille “only” 2 million. It is a port from the doorway invites guests to enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the freshest seafood. In 2013 he was awarded the honorary title of “Cultural capital of Europe”. Marseille is the oldest city in France, so be sure to visit a sightseeing tour around its streets and suburbs (28$).

Бюджетна Європа: де можна відпочити без особливих витрат

The price for the rental of rooms in private hotel room near the metro starts from$ 40. However, it is possible to book apartments that can be found ranging from 19$.