Budget Haima 8S enjoys the rush

Бюджетный кроссовер Haima 8S пользуется ажиотажным спросом

Sales of crossover Haima 8S in China started in July of this year.

Now when the first wave of popularity of the novelty took place, you can begin to make the first conclusions about the real demand for cars.

And the representatives of the brand already claim that Haima 8S was much more Hyundai Santa Fe, budget analogue which he is.

For the first four months dealers Chinese brand could implement 4,5 thousand new 8S, while the Koreans have sold only 3 thousand Santa Fe. And not just at a small cost. The crossover is fairly well stocked.

Inside the car is the most modern multimedia complex with a touch screen, electronic gear, and a stylish steering wheel truncated form.

Of electronics it is worth noting chamber of the circular review, advanced climate system, as well as adaptive cruise control and prevention system of frontal collisions. Haima 8S made on the platform HMGA, which has independent front suspension.

Бюджетный кроссовер Haima 8S пользуется ажиотажным спросом

The length of a car is 4 565 mm with a wheelbase of 2 700 mm. the Width is 1,850 mm and height 1 682 mm.

Buyers have a choice of two engines – they were turbo engine volume 1.2 and 1.6 liters, with a return of 148 HP and 194 HP, respectively. They work in tandem with mkpp in 6 steps or semidiapazonny robot depending on configuration.

Бюджетный кроссовер Haima 8S пользуется ажиотажным спросом

Four-wheel drive vehicle isn’t necessary. In the auto market of China Haima 8S costs 85 900 yuan, while for the Hyundai Santa Fe will have to pay 800 yuan 202.

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