Budget Hyundai ix35 again beat out the Champions brand

Бюджетный Hyundai ix35 снова выбился в рекордсмены марки

This indicator allows the model to retain the title of absolute best seller of the Korean brand.

This title is assigned a budget cross with enviable regularity.

The sympathy of buyers has allowed Hyundai ix35 become a serious rival to the popular Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander and KIA Sportage.

Recall, a budget version of the Hyundai ix35 went on sale in China in late 2017. This cross is made on the basis of the crossover, we have sold between 2010 and 2015.

Since the release to market a new product immediately caught the attention of SUV fans. Buyers appreciated the model is adequate price tag, striking looks, convenient size (4 435 mm with a wheelbase of 2 640 mm), maneuverability, quite roomy for this class, the trunk, low-cost maintenance, available parts, etc.

Of the minuses, as a rule, pointed to a little stiffer suspension, as they say, not for everybody.

In motion cheap Hyundai ix35 leads to either a two-litre 163-strong “aspirated”, or a 1.4-liter 140-horsepower turbo engine. The first works in tandem with the “mechanics” or “automatic” on the six steps, the second with a seven-step “robot”.

The drive can be front or full. In the “celestial” car dealerships for Hyundai ix35 asking reduced from 119 900 yuan. Equipped with a maximum cross were evaluated in 161 900 yuan.

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