Budget of Ukraine-2020: Zelensky – more Poroshenko, the chocolate oligarch than

The government is impotent political and professional ignoramuses in action

Бюджет Украины-2020: Зеленский – ещё больший Порошенко, чем шоколадный олигарх

In Ukraine prepared for the second reading the draft budget for next year and, judging by its options, citizens of Ukraine voted for the team Zelensky, famously made fun of themselves.

The draft budget for 2020 is already submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. Given that the “public servants” are in control of this body, there will be no surprises. The budget will be almost in the form in which it was presented to the Cabinet.

What do we have here? The income budget set at approximately $ 1.09 trillion. hryvnia (about 2.8 trillion. rubles), expenses – about $ 1.2 trillion. (3.1 trillion. rubles). Three key budget – debt service, military expenditures and subsidies to address the pension Fund.

Debt payments of Ukraine will eat in the coming year approximately 40% of the budget (424 billion, or nearly 1.1 trillion. rubles). On security and the war will spend 246 billion (634 billion) or a fifth part of the budget – an absolute record for all time of independence. 172 billion (or 443 billion rubles) will be spent on pensions. Pensions in 2020 almost will not grow. If beginning-of-year minimum pension payment will be 1638 UAH per month (about 4.2 thousand rubles), at the end – 1769 UAH (about 4,5 thousand). When inflation is planned at level of 6.4%, it sounds a joke.

Бюджет Украины-2020: Зеленский – ещё больший Порошенко, чем шоколадный олигарх

But the funding of the power ministries in the “man of peace” Zelensky is expected to grow by 15%.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine will receive about 98 billion hryvnia (less than 2.5 times the defense), and the Ministry of education and science 87 billion On education and children allowances new “national” government has proposed to save by cutting compared with the previous year by 40% provision of housing to orphans, 12% – training of specialists in higher education, 13% – non-formal education. To clean the sewers in Poland and grow sunflowers is possible without higher education. But on the service activities of the Zelensky, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to allocate 3.8% more than last year.

Grounds to stated loudly of economic growth, the government of Ukraine was never found. In September, the most optimistic forecast of growth was estimated at 3.3% now, he jumped to 3.7%, but, first, this is far from a promised 5%, and, secondly, the Cabinet can not clearly explain, at the expense of what he wants to achieve.

Бюджет Украины-2020: Зеленский – ещё больший Порошенко, чем шоколадный олигарх

Vladimir Zelensky and Alexey Goncharuk. Photo: “League”

Disappeared, as expected, from the agenda of one of the biggest promises of “public servants” – the salaries of teachers at the level of three minimum wages. Prime Goncharuk, speaking on ICTV channel, said: “in order to provide a sufficient increase how deserve our teachers, we need more economic growth. We need the economy to produce more resources, more taxes”. That is, the money the teacher can not count.

“Limited resources” publishing “League” called one of the key theses Goncharuk. For example, the living wage the Cabinet to do to improve is not planning, leaving it at 2123 hryvnia (about 5.4 thousand). And despite the fact that the level of prices for many commodity groups in Ukraine have already surpassed the performance of all the CIS countries.

73.7 billion hryvnia are planned for repair and maintenance of transport infrastructure, but this is still not enough. According to preliminary estimates, here it is necessary to allocate not less than 150 billion.

The volume of housing and utility subsidies will be reduced from 70 to 48 billion UAH; in this case, rates skyrocketed, and in the winter will soar even more.

“Now is not the time for excesses… Have to live within our means (who?)… The country is in a difficult financial situation… Lots of debts…” these are the main theses of speeches of Sarov guy on the scooter, called the reason the Prime Minister of Ukraine… writes, commenting on the draft budget, the former Deputy of the Odessa city Council Dmitry Spivak. – There is no money, and the economy have yet to start, said the genius Prime Minister. Funny. But the MPs (new faces) for feeding districts found as much as $ 2 billion. And the security forces had planted. Next. No real tax reform is not expected. First, we create hundreds of new businesses, and then we will introduce tax innovations, said the new giant man in the tank top. So, any change in fiscal policy will not. This means that there will be no fight with the shadow, tax reform, tax lobbying financial-industrial groups and the “contraband-stop” customs”.

But the Ukrainian oligarchs, according to Dmitry Spivak, all is well. “What you sow, you reap. The bright face of the reformer Goncharuk will light us all the way to a brighter future. But, not now. Later. Then. Maybe. I hope that without those worthless boys in mikovich vests and non-traditional economic orientation. And while you can only say that the government Goncharuk is a political impotent and professional ignoramuses”.

Director of the Institute for development of economy of Ukraine Alexander Goncharov noted the imbalance of the draft budget: “the Main financial document of the country I would call more and the imbalance in balance of payments, finally, a very high level of debt leverage (37% of revenues in 2020 will be spent on debt repayment, ie instead of the default of the financial pyramid of government bonds). In short, no development, and stagnation (without another liquidity crisis). After the reduction of the NBU discount rate the financial system of Ukraine should be filled with liquidity. However, the real incomes of the vast majority of the population does not grow”.

Even more categorical in the estimates of senior analyst in tax matters, Institute of socio-economic transformation Vyacheslav Cherkashin. “The draft budget in 2020 as a verdict on the economy”, – he wrote in Facebook.

This is the conclusion Cherkashin came analyzing the output of the land tax from the system of simplified taxation, a sharp increase in the taxation of natural persons income from securities and corporate rights, the increase in import customs duties and, most importantly, the abolition of tax exemptions.

Бюджет Украины-2020: Зеленский – ещё больший Порошенко, чем шоколадный олигарх

Photo: BBC

Campaign promises Zelensky are ashes. Instead of the promised fight against poverty, the growth of economic freedom, the elimination of the debt yoke, tariff reduction and the long-awaited peace Ukrainians have the budget, continuing (with minimal corrections) economic policy Groisman / Poroshenko. Zelensky was even greater Poroshenko than the chocolate oligarch, as evidenced by a sharp increase in military spending on the background of the “peace” campaign promises. What do the people of Ukraine in this “life improvement”? To run back to the Maidan?Svyatoslav Knyazev

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