Budget savings: Ukraine closing prisons and colonies

The justice Ministry found a way to save money.

Економія бюджету: в Україні закривають в&#039язниці і колонії

The state criminal-Executive service “will” state. The Ministry of justice is preparing to disband in 2019, 10 in prisons and colonies to save money in the budget. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov, informs Rus.Media.

He explained that these places are “not effective”.

“Thus, the total number of closed institutions, with the two previous years, will be 20,” says Chernyshov.

Closing by 2019 as many prisons, how many and for previous years combined will save $ 200 million hryvnia per year. The Deputy Minister of justice explained that the optimization process is begun, including due to underfunding of the prison system because “the funding of some areas, for example, payment of utilities, is 50-60% and should be 100%”.

He did not specify where to move the inmates from prisons and colonies, that they intend to close.