Bulgarian benefactor Good Grandfather died at 104-th year of life

In Bulgaria passed away Grandpa Dobri, which practically his entire life was devoted to charity and spiritual wealth.

Болгарський благодійник Дідусь Добрі помер на 104-му році життя

At the time of his death he was 104 years old, reports Rus.Media.

Dobre Dimitrov Dobrev was born in Bulgarian village Bailovo in 1914. Using farm labour to earn a living. In 2000, the year the Grandfather Kind, as many called him, gave all his property for the benefit of the Church. And then began to earn that collected donations near the temples, passing every day more than 40 km. All received from the good people Dobrev gave to Church needs, leaving very little for food and clothing. After some time be known not only throughout Bulgaria, but abroad as well.

The Good grandfather’s funeral will be held on February 15 in Belovskom the temple.

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