Buns from my childhood – these have you tried at school

You will feel this familiar smell of the school cafeteria.

Булочки з дитинства - такі ви пробували тільки в школі

We are confident that you will like them.

The recipe for the buns come from the school of childhood

For the dough you need:

2 cups flour;

10 g of compressed yeast;

one-third Cup of milk;

1 egg;

1 Cup of water, reports Rus.Media.

For the dough for scones you will need:

all the dough;

2 cups flour;

10 g of compressed yeast;

a pinch of salt;

1 Cup sugar;

2 sticks of margarine (75 grams);

a pinch of vanilla.

Cooking bread rolls

As for the dough, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, leave it alone for a few hours at room temperature.

With regard to test – the dough add the yeast mixed with a small amount of water, sugar, salt and flour. Put all in mixer and whip for 5 minutes. Next, put the margarine and turn on the mixer for 1 minute. Now 1.5 hours, the mixture tighten with cling film and leave in peace.

Sprinkle the table with flour and lay out the Filo. It is necessary to stretch and form a rectangle, cut it into portions and rounding individual pieces of dough in the form of small rolls.

Them tightly to each other and place them on a buttered cake tin and bake for half an hour. The oven temperature is 200 degrees. When the buns covered with a dark crust, you can turn off the oven.

Look how delicious these muffins from childhood! Enjoy your tea!

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