Burger King offers a “Whopper” from cows less polluting

Burger King propose un «Whopper» venant de vaches moins polluantes

To protect the environment, Burger King has given a new mission: to reduce methane rejected by the farts and burps of the cows providing the meat for his famous sandwiches “Whopper” by adjusting their diet.

According to preliminary tests, add 100 grams of leaves of lemon grass to the diet of ruminants to the end of their life, helps them to better digest, assured the group in a press release Tuesday.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers changed the diet of cows during the last four months of their lives and those who have benefited from this experience have, on the three to four months, rejected 33 % less methane, a gas that is participating in the greenhouse effect, than their counterparts that have not changed food.

Fans curious to taste a burger designed with a steak from one of these cows will go from Tuesday in one of the restaurants of the chain in Miami, New York, Austin, Portland or Los Angeles.

But Burger King, which is associated to two researchers to conduct this experience, hope to inspire other organizations and has put the findings of the study available to all.

“If all the sector, from farmers to distributors of meat, passing by other brands, join us, we can extend this experience to large-scale and collectively help to reduce the methane emissions that have a role in climate change,” says the group.

To meet the demand of some clients more anxious to respect the environment by limiting their intake of meat, Burger King had already been one of the first major chains to offer a vegetarian version of its hamburger lighthouse in the spring of 2019.

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