Bursting at the seams: from emergency houses in St. Petersburg evacuated

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elizabeth Shagalova


In Saint-Petersburg on the facade of a residential house has the fracture height from the first to the sixth floors. Its area is not less than 30 square meters. Plaster falls directly on the people. All the occupants of the house – almost 40 people were evacuated. The situation in Vyborg is following the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Rodion Kovalev.

Building on Vyborgskaya street cordoned off, near it police on duty. The staff closely, so that no one went into the house. Residents were given only a few minutes to get necessities.

Yesterday around eight o’clock, the inhabitants found on the facade of the large number of cracks, some in the apartments began to crumble plaster. Then called Ministry. Experts have decided that for the safety of the evacuation, under it were the whole staircase, about 40 people. They were placed in a nearby school. Provided food, drink and overnight. Many are still there.

With the morning damage was examined by the Commission headed by the district head and Deputy head of the housing. So far no opinions have not done, you can live here or not, but to be inside just in case, banned.

“At the moment, work is under way to determine the suitability of building structures, partitions, ceilings. The meeting was attended by the representative of the state construction supervision, which further will give the two organizations for the compilation of expert opinions”, – the Deputy chief of GU of EMERCOM of Russia for Saint-Petersburg Roman Emelyanov.

A possible cause of the incident is called the construction site. Near the house erected apartment complex. As have informed in regional administration, decided to suspend construction until, until you complete the investigation.

Temporarily all tenants will be seated in maneuverable Fund of administration of the Vyborg district. The service agreed 22. Ostalnye said that while will live at relatives.