Business in the prisons. What does the introduction of private jail in Ukraine

Бизнес на тюрьмах. Что означает введение частных СИЗО на Украине

© Andrey LubenskyUkraine is considering the introduction of private prison. This will allow you to solve the problem with the appalling state of the Ukrainian detention centers, but at the same time once again demonstrate that the rich in Ukraine are above the law.The Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska in the presentation of changes in the field of justice in Gostomel on Thursday, November 28, said that he expects Ukrainian prisons and prisoners.

“What we want to do?… Our first goal is to increase the number of types of punishments not related to deprivation of liberty. Second, we want eventually to do the normal companies, not this “hell”…. Modern establishment for serving sentences, are equipped with all necessary modern equipment, energy efficient with minimal number of employees will cost his building from scratch around €300 million to thousands of prisoners. This is an enormous amount, I’m not sure our society is ready to invest in it”, — he said.The head of the Ministry of justice said that the country want to try to put into practice the idea of private detention centers.

“In fact, it would be something like a well-guarded hotels, where those who have means, will be waiting for the verdict. Through these funds we will be able to cover the costs of the stay of persons who will be in regular detention centers. Try to do at least one pilot project. Let’s see how this business model works, and later try to expand the experiment if it proves successful, the entire territory of Ukraine. This will take a little to change the law, but it is in our immediate plans,” said Maluska.

In General, the Ukrainian society is waiting for major changes now and in the prison system. And these changes would legitimize the existing disparities in Ukrainian detention facilities.

Rich and poor

Odessa Alexander Chickaloon with dumbfounded looks on the screen. There is a video in which the murderer of his son quietly comes to one of the private dental clinics to treat your teeth. It’s no handcuffs, no prison uniforms. He quietly communicates with friends and family.

“It comes to a private clinic, is talking on his mobile phone, found with the family… Then accidentally barbecue will fry”, trying to joke the sad Chickaloon.He is the owner of the currency exchange, which on 18 December 2014 decided to get the money from the “exchangers” home. On the way to his apartment he was attacked: struck several blows with a knife, including in the face. The noise popped up the son of Chickamauga. He began to pursue the attackers and caught up with them. But they were not going to surrender: son Chickamauga stabbed twice with a knife in the heart.

Later on suspicion in murder was detained Teimuraz Peikrishvili. It saw Chickaloon, a senior at the video, captured by a surveillance camera of one of the Odessa dental clinics in may 2019. This video came to journalists of the edition “Classtwo.Nfo”.

Near Peikrishvili in the clinic was the acting prison guard Alexander Torsuk.

It is noteworthy that the court considers the case Peikrishvili for five years. According to Chickaloon, has already held a hundred meetings, with 20 of them were disrupted by the accused and his defenders.In the investigation of the Ukrainian edition were cited and evidence of another prisoner — Vladimir Ponomarenko. He described how prison officials placed him in solitary confinement, and for the return to a normal cell demanded neither more nor less — $2 thousand In the end Ponomarenko decided to cooperate with the secret services to expose the dishonest guards. After the arrest of the latter by the SBU revealed that in the accounts of the employees of the Odessa SIZO, there were about 2 million UAH. (about 5.2 million rubles — Ed.).

It’s just two of the many stories showing that the Ukrainian prison turned into a place for the enrichment of public servants, Playground of the rich criminals and the inhuman conditions of life for those who have little money. Earn in jail for everything from communication with family and to forbidden pleasures like booze and drugs. And even caught the hand of prison officials are not always accountable for their actions. Thus, the same scandal Peikrishvili reached the Minister of justice, to whom the journalists showed him the video screenshots of dentistry. Tortuga fired. In addition, the State penitentiary service of Ukraine reported that they conduct internal investigations against other officers, including the chief of the Odessa pre-trial detention center Vladimir Shevchenko.

And penal reform can fix the separation in detention facilities of people in the mob and gentlemen.

USA as a model?

Maluski not the first to declare the need for something to deal with the financing of the Ukrainian detention centers and prisons.

“Now the prison system is funded for a maximum of 30%. There is nothing to feed them, to be honest, not that new prisons to build or to implement some innovative reforms,” he said in an interview Bihus.Info in September 2019.In the same interview he argued that it is necessary to leave only two prisons in Ukraine, equipped with the example of the prisons of the Nordic countries. As an example, Maluska brought Norway and Denmark.However, in these countries, prisons and detention centers are funded by the state. And the approach in Norway to remedy radically different from the Ukrainian. If the Norwegians are trying to fix the criminal in prison, the conditions of life which are inaccessible for most Ukrainians, the Ukrainians being in prison, de facto punish the criminals. At the same time in the same Norway, despite the extremely small in comparison with Ukraine the number of relapses, the prison returned only every fifth convict, Ukraine — every second. In addition, in Norway, despite the fact that there is behind bars according to most recent 63 persons per 100 thousand inhabitants (for comparison: in Ukraine — 152), is also not enough prisons. This led to the fact that in 2015 the Norwegian prisoners appeared in the Netherlands in the prison Longerhave.The proposal of the head of the Ministry of justice to make the prison self-sustaining is more like not Northern European and American experience. And this experience is extremely negative. Here it is necessary to remember that the US is the prison population country in the world. Today 100 thousand American citizens have 655 prisoners.

Thus, according to 2014 data published by the statistics Bureau of the Ministry of justice of the United States, more than 76% of the prisoners in 30 States were back in prison within five years after release.

But the prison in the USA is a profitable business, as, for example, created in 1983, the American correctional Corporation — CoreCivic Inc. — the first system of private prisons in the United States. Its turnover is estimated at $1.7 billion, assets of $3,02 billion, and net income of $162.5 million Which is typical: the roots in the desire to enrich themselves on the labor of prisoners are drawn in the XIX century, when the Civil war Southern planters lost their slaves.

“Should not exist neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except when it is a punishment for a crime”, — reads the 13th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1865.

This loophole and took advantage of the southern States, which introduced new, stricter legislation. The result is often former slaves reverted involuntarily to the old masters. But in the form of prisoners, forced to fulfill a duty.

The victory of the African-American population of the United States in the struggle for their rights in the second half of the twentieth century did not fix it. On the contrary, with the 80-ies starts the growth of private prisons. Prisoners continue to make money. The conditions are horrible: they are overcrowded, and guards often do not perform their functions. So, in 2018 in jail Chicago inmates staged a mass brawl, and arrived very late the guards did their not reassured.But even in the United States are not smart enough to make suspects pay for improvement of conditions of detention. After all, this is a risk that their protection would prolong the case in court that they stayed in a comfortable environment as long as possible. Thus legitimized that system, which de facto exists today: the rich inmates live in jail as God’s bosom, and the poor are forced to live in those conditions that currently exist in Ukrainian prisons.George Archers

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