Business Insider: the latest missile of Israel in the hands of Moscow — a serious cause for concern

The latest Israeli rocket “Sling of David”, issued by Syria in 2018, according to reports, was in the hands of the Russian military, writes Business Insider. As noted in the article, such a turn of events raises serious concerns, since Moscow can now not only figure out how to deal with this system, but also to convey this intelligence to Iran.

Business Insider: новейшая ракета Израиля в руках Москвы — серьёзный повод для беспокойства

ReutersРоссийские military reportedly took control of one of the most advanced anti-aircraft missiles of Israel — “Sling of David”, writes Business Insider, citing the Chinese news Agency SINA. Because of this, Russia now, most likely, will be able in a short time to figure out how to confront this newest system designed to destroy ballistic missiles flying. In addition, Moscow may share this information, as indicated by the publication, not only with US but also with Israel’s enemies such as Iran. It is reported that in the hands of the Russian military rocket hit in July 2018, when Israel released it, trying to knock down fired at Israeli territory Syrian missiles of Russian origin. Two of the rockets fired at Syria, one self-destructed, the other fell on Syrian territory without exploding. Then the government forces of Bashar al-Assad picked it up and handed its allies — Russia. “Sling of David” — a system created by Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American Raytheon as a replacement for Patriot air defense system. Tel Aviv took this system into service in 2017, and the first operational launch, believed to have been produced in July 2018. “It’s definitely a problem. If I was Rafael, I’d be nervous”, commented Ian Williams of the Center for strategic international studies. According to him, the concern is not the fact that Moscow can produce a copy of this missile for its own use. “If Iran seizes the thing, then in two years we would have seen an identical system,” emphasizes Williams. Meanwhile, he noted that if Russia really got that rocket, then she can explore this technology and figure out how to deal with the “Sling of David”, and it will be a serious problem not only for Israel but for other countries, such as Poland, which tel Aviv is trying to sell his system. “If I were in the place of Israel, then I would be very worried about will not give Russia Iran with intelligence on how to deal with this interceptor,” added Williams in an interview with Business Insider. As reported on SINA news, the US and Israel asked Russia to return the rocket, however this effort was not successful.

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