Business Insider: while everyone is looking at Syria, NATO is preparing for war in the heart of Europe

The eyes of the world focused on the events in Syria, writes Business Insider. But while the Americans withdraw its troops out, they throw in a center of Europe for more troops in preparation for war with the “geopolitical enemy Russia.” The aim of the maneuvers is to show you how quickly and effectively can act NATO troops.

Business Insider: пока все смотрят на Сирию, НАТО готовится к войне в сердце Европы

ReutersПосле the Americans withdrew their troops from Syria, the vacuum left was filled by the Russia, Syria and Turkey, writes Business Insider. And while the whole world watched in shock at what was happening in the middle Eastern country, the soldiers of the first cavalry division of the U.S. army landed in the center of Europe. In the framework of operation Atlantic Resolve (“Atlantic determination”), they will participate in the exercises on the rapid transfer of troops to Eastern Europe in case of war with the “geopolitical enemy Russia.”

Feature maneuvers this year was that the American troops for the first time in modern history to land in the Dutch city of Vlissingen, located in 2 thousand kilometers from Moscow. In the United States called this event “historic.” In this part of the armament was transported to a local port is already October 11.

In addition, the choice fell on this city, because the Americans wanted to test the geographic and bureaucratic situation in the region. They want to show that they have various ways of transporting troops to Europe. The operation will involve 3,500 soldiers, tanks 85 and 120 combat vehicles. The aim is to demonstrate how quickly and effectively can act NATO troops. “They seem to say, dear Russians, don’t even think about attacking our European allies. We are ready for everything,” explains the author.

The frequent operations of American troops in Europe show how seriously the White house belong to the Russian threat. While the armed forces there are a variety of problems. Laws and regulations as well as infrastructure problems slow down the process. Not enough: low sweep, Railways and asphalt roads as well as bridges that can withstand a lot of weight.

The Europeans are trying to overcome obstacles. The Alliance organized in the German city of Ulm command center for rapid deployment of troops and equipment. What are the benefits of these efforts will show an unprecedented scale military exercises of the USA in Europe next year. They will be attended by 37 thousand soldiers from 18 countries.

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