Business urged until July 20 to unlock the tranche of the IMF for Ukraine

Business representatives called on the Ukrainian government, the IMF and the international partners of Ukraine in the next week to reach agreement concerning the release of the tranche in the amount of $ 1.9 billion under the IMF program.

The corresponding appeal of the American chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the European Business Association (EBA), Union of Ukrainian businessmen (SOUP) and the Independent Association of banks of Ukraine was made public at a press conference in Kyiv on 12 July, reports UKRINFORM.

“We urge the IMF and the international partners of Ukraine to take into account the General economic situation, reforms and the broader social impacts in Ukraine and to make rational decisions, given the current circumstances. We are confident that we are now on the 2 year growth of Ukraine’s GDP, the financial stability of Ukraine, which was so hard achieved, billions of dollars of investment, thousands of jobs, the Exodus of Ukrainians abroad and hope for a better future”, — stressed the participants of the event.

According to representatives of business, given the recent trends in the economy and their implications for the country, the parties must reach agreement for the sake of unlocking the tranche until July 20.

“We urge the Ukrainian government, the IMF and the international partners of Ukraine to use every effort to reach agreement before July 20, concerning the release of the IMF tranche in the amount of $ 1.9 billion and associated financing from other international partners of Ukraine”, — the statement says.

Бизнес призвал до 20 июля разблокировать транш МВФ для Украины

To achieve this goal, business representatives urged the Ukrainian government and the IMF to find a solution to gas prices and budget issues, and the Supreme Rada of Ukraine is to support this decision.

A business Association called on the Parliament to vote on 12 July, the draft law No. 7441 on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On judicial system and status of judges” in connection with the adoption of the law of Ukraine “On Higher anti-corruption court” with revisions relative to the filing of appeals regarding the current Affairs of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine.

“There are real risks associated with the continuation of the deadlock”, — the statement reads.

The event was attended by the Director of the Board of Directors of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, co-founder and CEO of Horizon Capital Olena Kosharna, the President of the European Business Association, chief Executive officer of Dragon Capital Tomas Fiala, President of the Union of Ukrainian businessmen, the General Director of the company “New Mail” Vyacheslav Klimov, the Chairman of the Independent banks Association of Ukraine Roman Shpek, Executive Director of the European Business Association Anna Derevyanko, Vice-President of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Tetyana Prokopchuk.

As reported, on June 19, the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde announced terms for the completion of the current revision of the programme and the IMF tranche in the amount of $ 1.9 billion. According to her, critically important is the implementation of the conditions regarding gas prices. And also making changes to the recently adopted law on Higher anti-corruption court and the limit of the budget deficit.

At the same time, the government claimed that the Ukrainian side proposed that the IMF has at least eight variants of the change of the price formula for gas, none of which the IMF was not satisfied.

The IMF insists on raising gas prices for the population under taken by Ukraine of obligations concerning import parity (with prices in international markets). At the same time, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, has repeatedly referred to the sharp increase in the cost of gas is unjustified. According to various estimates, the price of gas for the population could rise from 30% to 60%.

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