“Businesses must be able to restart”

    “Businesses must be able to restart”

    the – Interview by Serge PAYRAU – Economy

    Robert Poulain – Operating losses must be better reimbursed, insists the president of CPME 13.

    While the Entrepreneur 13 show opens in 100% digital mode this Thursday, November 17, Corinne Innesti, president of CPME 13, organizer of the event, is already planning for the after that the employers’ organization wants to combine in fashion ” human “.

    Les Nouvelles Publications: At the end of November, you took to the streets to support the businesses which are still being closed until January 20. This is not usual for bosses. Why did you choose this means of expression?
    Corinne Grafts:
    When decisions seem fair to them, business leaders apply them. But there we felt a deep injustice. A lot of companies have invested to put in place the barrier gestures, the work, which generated a lot of costs which were not necessarily supported by the State. And behind, the government told them: You are forbidden to work . So we mobilized to say we want to work and ask for the immediate reopening for all. The protocol drawn up by the restaurants has been validated by the government and its implementation has been supported by occupational health, which tells us: Even us, we don’t understand .

    Behind, inevitably, there are tragedies. When we reimburse the loss amounting to 1,500 while at the same time you have rents of 3,000-4,000, credits in progress and you have to supplement the partial unemployment of your employees, what do you do? As a result, many bosses have stopped paying themselves.

    What is the urgency to come to the aid of those most affected?
    The CPME intervened very quickly to request a staggering of the EMPs over 24 months, when the deductible was initially one year, and we were charged on this point. But of course, this is not enough.

    In terms of charges, a first chance came on December 15 with the Contribution foncire des entreprises (CFE). The government had offered public establishments for inter-municipal cooperation (EPCI), as part of the amending finance law, the possibility of granting a two-thirds exemption to companies: one third would be supported by the community and one third would be reimbursed by the state. Thus, only a third of the CFE would remain the responsibility of the companies. But at the time, the new readers of the Metropolis were not yet known, and no one imagined that we would be confined again. So much so that the measure was not adopted by Aix-Marseille Provence. Since then, this request has been made to the Mtropole.

    In terms of rents, we have asked that lessors do not make their tenants pay by taking security deposits, but this is also not possible. As for the tax credit, it is not an incentive. We are asking for two months of exemption from institutional donors. But for private landlords, some of whom are withdrawals for whom the rent constitutes an income supplement, it is not obvious to grant these exemptions.

    It is also necessary that operating losses are better reimbursed. Some entrepreneurs are not covered by their insurance contract on the pretext that they are not the only ones affected by these losses. The insurers answer that they have abundant in solidarity funds, but business leaders who have taken out a contract are not compensated, which is incomprehensible.

    Businesses must also be able to restart. They often have a lot of charges and credits because small businesses have little equity. To do this, we propose to create a special loan, a consolidation loan, which would allow losses to be spread over 8-10 years, in the same way that we can smooth our debts over this period when we benefit from ‘a continuation plan at the commercial court. Public procurement should also be revived: all beneficial actions must be combined.

    How do you plan for the next few months? Are you going to implement new services, new actions?
    We are working this after with a focus on employment because we are unfortunately well aware of the consequences that are likely to occur. Our members are very committed and one of them created Radio Victoria, the first webradio for business and employment. It will allow us to decode the trades of tomorrow and to publish the offers on a medium which already has 13,000 listeners per day. We are also present on the In & Off Skills program with the Marseille Employment Center, which should help bring people who are far from it back to employment.

    We are also determined to offer even more services. We want to pool the resources that our members can bring, to enrich the service offer of CPME 13 by putting them more in the presence. We will thus have an internal social network which will be more adapted so that they can know each other’s services and work together, in an idea of ​​mutualisation. With our banking partners, we will also develop a dedicated factoring * offer for our members.

    Under these conditions, what connotation will take on your Entrepreneur 13 event, of which Les Nouvelles Publications is a partner, which will take place this year entirely in videoconference?

    This year, we chose the theme Human at heart because the crisis has shown how essential it is. This is the first time that we have done an event like this in full video conferencing. We will have an innovative digital platform that will give the impression of being there. We want it to be as attractive as possible. We will also have the usual 100% digital meetings: e-stands, workshops, pitch party. We hope for 5,000 connections. Experts will be present and everyone will be able to question them.

    Note that we also invite middle and high school students to vote for the Trophes des entrepreneurs positives. It’s a way of showing them that companies are not just about turnover but also men and women who work daily.

    * Factoring is a financial management operation or technique in which a specialized credit institution (or a portfolio management company) takes care of the recovery of debts from a business under a contract.

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