But why pick him before the end of the calendar?

Mais pourquoi repêcher avant la fin du calendrier?

The idea of holding the draft fan of the national hockey League (NHL) before completing the regular season and make the series distasteful to the general manager of the Detroit Red Wings, Steve Yzerman.

This last is, of course, intrigued by the topic, especially that his team should logically have excellent chances of winning the lottery and thereby select the first row of the auction. With a record of 17-49-5 good for 39 points, the formation of the Michigan trailed at the tail of the pack in the overall standings of the NHL when the campaign was interrupted on march 12, because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The crisis has also carried a quantity of sporting and cultural events on the planet, including the NHL draft, which was to take place at the Bell Centre on June 26 and 27. The whole is held under a different format to an undetermined date, but some argued the possibility of organizing the meeting in June, even if the fate of the season 2019-2020 has not been sealed to this day. Yzerman is not.

“Why should we do this? Is it really necessary?, he said during an interview on Facebook Live, organised by the local FOX Sports on Wednesday. Of course, there are several things affected. The order of selection of the clubs has not yet been established, we do not know who will participate in the series and that will not be there, in a few cases.”

“So, there’s a lot of questions and if you want to participate in the auction before, we’ll see once there. By contrast, up here, I have not heard a single valid argument that would justify to present the draft before the end of the calendar.”

The decisive Moment

For Yzerman and the Wings, it could be a crucial moment in the history of the franchise that rips on the ice for a few years. The possibility of putting the hand on the Quebec Alexis Lafrenière is real, but the organization must also focus on its choice of subsequent rounds.

However, with the cancellation of the end-of-season of most of the european circuits and juniors, the assessment of the hopes is more complicated for everyone. For the former striker-featured, all teams in the NHL are in the same boat and have a job to do.

“It seems that we will not be able to see these young people at work by then. Thus, we have to take decisions based on the information we have”, he summarized.

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