buy an apron to help businesses in difficulty

    buy an apron to help businesses in difficulty

    A sale of aprons to help businesses in the red. It is a Lyon initiative and it makes perfect sense during this holiday season.

    The Bron-based association Les Hautsophones wants to support small businesses through the operation “I do not give back my apron”.

    A crowdfunding campaign is underway to manufacture, sell and then redistribute all of the profits to catering and event professionals.

    Who are the profits for?

    All of the profits will be donated to traders and event professionals. In this à la carte donation campaign, each customer will be free to direct the donation towards a cause that touches them. The associations and causes to be supported are being selected.

    Why an apron?

    Because it is “the symbol of the manual worker”, say the Loudspeakers. And because it is part of a local landscape with 100% French fabrics. This solidarity apron will be made in small clothing workshops in the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region.

    How much does it cost?

    The apron will be sold 35 euros with 19 euros of cost price, 6 euros of VAT and 10 euros directly distributed to traders. Anyone buying an apron will receive a proposal to redistribute the 10 € to the association or the cause of their choice helping professionals in CHR (cafes, hotels, restaurants), events or live shows.

    How can I help?

    The crowdfunding campaign is underway on the Ulule platform. The goal is to raise 10,500 euros.

    Who are the Loudspeakers?

    It is an association of young independent workers specially created in November to launch the operation “I do not give back my apron”. Alex Chambet, Mandy Vavrille, Laure Garcia, Agathe Lanteri, as well as the founding members Antoine Robin and Louis Joutard, rolled up their sleeves for this unprecedented donation campaign.

    on Instagram: @ les.hautsparleurs

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